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Big changes have come to the PopCult Patreon now that we have the PopCult Podcast up and running. Building that support base on Patreon is something that takes time and playing around with rewards and goals that potential patrons are interested in. I’ve updated this post with the changes and I hope you like what you see.

For Patreon, I have four membership tiers. 

Sneak Previews is my basic tier that you can join for $3 a month. Joining that tier lets you read select posts before they go up on the blog as well as hear podcast segments before episodes go up.

Focus Group is the next tier that is $5 a month. In this tier you get the early access to select posts and podcast segments as Sneak Previews. Additionally, you’ll get to vote in polls about upcoming film series or topics for the podcast. AND, you get a bonus monthly episode of the podcast that will be centered around reviewing content related to posts for that month.

If you join at the $10 a month tier, that puts you in the Writer’s Room. This means you will early access, voting privileges, the monthly bonus podcast. On top of that you’ll get to choose one movie a month for me to review. This will be a highlighted Patron Pick and you’ll have the option add some of your thoughts as an opening to the review.

Finally, with only five spots available, there is the $20 a month Producer Credit tier. As with the other levels, you get everything below, plus you will get to work with me to program a five-film series of your choice. We will connect via e-mail/messengers/text/etc. and talk about potential themes or topics and create that film series. This will be available to you quarterly, so if you join in June, you’ll get to plan a series with me for the Summer and then again for the Fall, on and on. 

Let’s talk Goals!

Instead of earnings-based goals, we are going with community-based ones.

If we can get 5 monthly members, this level of support will unlock a monthly movie Zoom livestream for patrons every quarter. Movie choices will be voted on by patrons based on availability.week.

If we reach 10 monthly members, we unlock a monthly nintey minute Zoom hangout for my patrons. We’ll mainly talk about movies and whatever other media you’d like to discuss. Patrons will be able to vote on a starting topic but where the conversation goes is up to you.

Our highest goal (for now) is 20 members and will allow me to give away copies of two films I review each month. This will be a download code (Amazon, iTunes, etc.). The giveaways will be Patreon donor exclusives and done via a random number raffle.

If you want to jump on board and engage in making PopCult transform into something even better, consider joining our Patreon and helping to make that happen!

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