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2021 is the year I make a big push to grow PopCult into something beyond what it has been. Readership jump tremendously in 2020 with a 29% increase in page views and a 32% jump in visitors. Part of our growth will be centered around Patreon. I don’t expect I will live independently off of Patreon, but I think I could generate enough to pay a couple of bills a month. For more on what’s going on with me at the start of the year, read up on last week’s Weekly Wonderings.

For Patreon, I have four membership tiers. 

Focus Group is my basic tier that you can join for $3 a month. Joining that tier lets you vote in polls about what should be featured on the blog. Right now, I have a poll up about what I should do a TV Review Best of for in March. The choices are Tales from the Crypt, Cheers, and Seinfeld. Right now, Tales from the Crypt and Seinfeld are tied, so if you want a say in which one gets featured in March, join now and vote!

Writers’ Room is the next tier that is $5 a month. With this tier, you get the ability to vote in polls, plus Early Access to articles before they are published. Right now, I have my review of the recent Superman: Man of Steel Volume 1 up for reading. That won’t appear on the blog until Saturday, January 16th, but if you join at this tier, you can read it right away. There will be another Early Access article going up tomorrow, and so many more to come!

If you join at the $10 a month tier, that puts you in the Director’s Chair. This means you will get a monthly pick of one film for me to review. I’ve got one patron at this level right now who is figuring out what they’d like me to review. If you join at this level, there will be a specially labeled Patron’s Pick post made when I review the picture. You will get to share your thoughts on the film alongside mine and promote what you have going on (blog, website, podcast, etc.). Plus, you get everything from the tiers below!

Finally, with only five spots available, there is the $20 a month Executive Producer tier. As with the other levels, you get everything below, plus you will get to work with me to program a five-film series of your choice. We will connect via e-mail/messengers/text/etc. and talk about potential themes or topics and create that film series. This will be available to you quarterly, so if you join in January, you’ll get to plan a series with me for the Spring and then again for the Summer, on and on. 

Let’s talk Goals!

Instead of earnings-based goals, we are going with community-based ones.

If we can get 6 monthly members, this level of support will allow me to make at least two posts every day of the week, meaning a minimum of fourteen posts a week.

If we reach 11 monthly members, we unlock a monthly two-hour Zoom hangout for my patrons. We’ll mainly talk about movies and whatever other media you’d like to discuss. Patrons will be able to vote on a starting topic but where the conversation goes is up to you.

Our highest goal (for now) is 22 members and will allow me to give away copies of two films I review each month. This will either be in a physical format (DVD, Blu-Ray) or as download codes (Amazon, iTunes). The giveaways will be Patreon donor exclusives and done via a random number raffle.

If you want to jump on board and engage in making PopCult transform into something even better, consider joining our Patreon and helping to make that happen!

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