Director in Focus – New Director Poll

This month will be my last covering the films of director John Sayles. For my next director, I’d like the readers to choose. The poll will be open till the end of the month. Below are the choices and brief description of them:

Francois Ozon – French director specializing in films focused on female characters, sexuality plays a key role as well as the surreal. I have seen Swimming Pool and Ricky.

Pier Paolo Pasoloni – Italian poet and author whose films adapted great works of literature such as The Canterbury Tales and Oedipus Rex. I have never seen any of his films.

Claire Denis – French director who positions her actors in carefully intricate poses and shots, focus on sexuality in her work. I have seen Trouble Every Day.

Brian DePalma – American director who makes slightly surreal and highly stylized noir and thriller films. I have seen Phantom of the Paradise, Raising Cain, Mission: Impossible, and Mission to Mars.

Vote in the poll on the left side of the page. Excited to see who everyone picks.

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