A Dark Song (2016)
Written & Directed by Liam Gavin


Sophie has found the place, gathered the resources, and emptied her bank accounts for this moment. With the help occultist Joseph, she plans to perform a complex a Kabbalistic ritual, The Abramelin, to make contact with her dead son. Joseph wants to bail at first, but Sophie opens up to him, and he comes around. They lock themselves up in the vast country manor that Sophie has rented for the year and get to work. Once the ritual begins, they cannot step foot outside the salt circle around the home, or they risk being trapped there forever. As the two spend more and more time together, the balance of power goes back and forth. It eventually becomes apparent that Sophie has not shared the whole truth with Joseph, while Joseph is growing drunk on his dominance over Sophie.

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Horsehead (2014)
Written by Romain Basset & Karim Chériguène
Directed by Romain Basset


Jessica is a college student studying the psychology of dreams due in part to her lifelong night terrors and intense nightmares. She must return to her childhood home after her mother calls with news of her grandmother’s death. Jessica and her mother have always had a strained relationship, one primary reason being the unknown identity of Jessica’s father. She has a stepfather though, who seems much more understanding, but also unaware of old family secrets. Her first night home, Jessica falls into a lucid dream where she meets the spirit of her grandmother and begins a dream odyssey to uncovering the truth behind her family.

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The Astronaut’s Wife (1999)
Written & Directed by Rand Ravich


Spencer Armacost is a NASA astronaut sent up for a routine mission, repairing a satellite among other scientific pursuits. An accident occurs while he and his crew are in orbit, but he returns home to his wife Jillian no worse for wear. He quickly decides to quit NASA in favor of the private sector and arms development for a corporation based out of New York City. Jillian begins to suspect something is wrong with her husband and learns something happened above the Earth and that this man may not be her husband.

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Pin (1988)
Written and Directed by Sandor Stern


Young Leon and his sister Ursula are growing up with an incredibly strict mother and father. She is a housewife obsessed with keeping their home a clean and tidy place. He is a doctor who uses ventriloquism to speak through a lifesize medical mannequin nicknamed Pin. Their father does this to teach life lessons to the siblings, but Leon becomes very invested in this ruse even as he grows older. Ursula is in on the trick but finds Leon becomes very sensitive when the truth is pointed out. Tragedy strikes and the two are left to fend for themselves in the world. Leon thinks it would be a good idea to move Pin from his father’s offices to their enormous mansion. Fun ensues.

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Lovecraft Country (2016, Harper)
By Matt Ruff

lovecraft countryBlack Army veteran Atticus Turner has come home to 1950s Chicago to find his father missing. Atticus suspects something sinister when he learns his volatile and proud father was seen leaving with a white man. With help from Uncle George and childhood friend Letitia, they travel to a remote village in New England. A conspiracy is uncovered and seemingly resolved in the first chapter. From there, the book is a series of interconnected short stories leading up to a finale where all the spotlighted characters converge for a resolution against the evil throughout the novel.

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Written and directed by Darren Aronofsky


Mother (Jennifer Lawrence) rises in the morning, a new day in her beautiful manor home in the middle of the woods. She shares this home with Him (Javier Bardem), her husband, a poet, and they live in solitude together. Then one night a knock at the door and a Man (Ed Harris) is on the steps. He is a doctor who claims he was told this was a bed and breakfast. Mother’s husband lets him in and without consulting her, allows the Man to stay. The next morning a Woman (Michelle Pfeiffer) arrives, the wife of the Man and suddenly Mother’s husband becomes obsessed with this family, ignoring her. From there, the litany of guests and violence increases as Mother becomes lost in her own world.

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It (2017)
Written by Chase Palmer & Cary Fukunaga, and Gary Dauberman
Directed by Andy Muschietti


It’s 1988 in Derry, Maine and Bill Denbrough is mourning his brother Georgie who vanished one rainy Saturday afternoon. His group of friends begins to have similar experiences all revolving around a menacing clown called Pennywise. He seems connected to Derry’s history of disappearances, far beyond that of any other town in America. As the Losers, their club’s nickname, investigate further they are led into the very bowels of Derry where the evil waits, eating up their fear and the children of the town.

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