American Gods Season 1 (Starz)
Based on the novel by Neil Gaiman
Written by Bryan Fuller, Neil Gaiman, Michael Green, Maria Melnik, Bekah Brunstetter, Seamus Kevin Fahey, and David Graziano
Directed by David Slade, Adam Kane, Vincenzo Natali, Floria Sigismondi, and Craig Zobel

american gods

Shadow Moon is a convict about to be released from prison following a failed robbery. He finds himself in the midst of personal tragedy as soon as he re-enters the outside world. However, a strange man named Mr. Wednesday crosses paths with Shadow and offers him a job to drive him around the country. Shadow beings to learn about the growing tensions between the transplanted gods of the Old World and the increasingly powerful new American Gods. With each stop, Shadow’s fundamental understanding of the universe begins to change.

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Part 7
Written by Mark Frost & David Lynch
Directed by David Lynch

David Patrick Kelly in a still from Twin Peaks. Photo: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME

We begin with Jerry Horne standing in the middle of the woods distraught and confused. He calls his brother Ben who picks up and Jerry slowly, but panicked explains his car has been stolen. Throughout the conversation, Jerry doesn’t seem to know exactly when and where he is, finally shouting “I think I’m high!”. The incident is never resolved later, but I assume Ben sent someone to look for Jerry or Jerry came to his senses. While positively dripping with that dry humor of Lynch, I was reminded of the Secret History book and how it cataloged many incidents of Twin Peaks residents wandering into the woods only to encounter entities from the Lodge. I wonder if Jerry met something while he was out there.

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Part 6
Written by David Lynch & Mark Frost
Directed by David Lynch

carl rodd.png

We find Cooper in the same spot from the last episode, spending the night standing next to the statue of the lawman. A security guard approaches him and seems to sense something is off. Cooper is trying to get the green blazer off during this conversation and eventually divulges enough info to be taken back to Dougie’s house. Janey meets them at the door and brings Cooper inside. One of the guards points out a larger envelope on the floor. Janey decides to take Coop to the doctor the next day because of his behavior.

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The Leftovers Season 3 (2017)
Written by Damon Lindelof, Patrick Somerville, Tom Perrotta, Tom Spezialy, Tamara Carter, Lila Byock, Carly Wray
Directed by Mimi Leder, Keith Gordon, Daniel Sackheim, Nicole Kassell, Carl Franklin, Craig Zobel


Seven years ago while people were going about their day to day lives, the Sudden Departure occurred. 140 million people, 2% of the population, vanished. No trace of them could be found, and the rest of humanity was left wondered what happened, why did it happen, and where did they go? For three seasons, The Leftovers followed Sheriff Kevin Garvey, Jr., Nora Durst, and the extended families that surrounded them. The series began in New York state, wandered to just outside of Austin, Texas, and concluded its run in Australia. With the eighth episode of season 3 the series ended and assured its place as one of the greatest television series of this current golden age.

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555 (2017)
Written by Kate Berlant, John Early, & Andrew DeYoung
Directed by Andrew DeYoung


A mall employee finds out a pop song she wrote has been stolen. A mother pushes her near mute son to audition for commercials. Two students in an acting class have meaningless interactions. A couple of actors getting makeup applied talk endlessly about getting their shit together and making YouTube content. Hollywood agents move like predators through every aspect of their lives. This is the world of Kate Berlant and John Early’s 555, a digital anthology series offered by Vimeo (

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Part 5
Written by Mark Frost and David Lynch
Directed by David Lynch

twin peaks part 5

Part 5 kicks off with the two men hired to take out Dougie Jones. They make a fall call to their employer, a very harried and anxious woman on the verge of tears. They explain they’ve been staking out Dougie’s car with no luck. She hangs up and sends a message via a pager/burner phone. The recipient is marked “Argent” on her phone, and the message is just a series of numbers. We cut to a dingy basement and a small black box electronic device, the implication being that this is where her message went. It just happens to be the same type of device Bob was using to get in contact with Phillip Jeffries back in Part 2.

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Episode 4
Written by Mark Frost & David Lynch
Directed by David Lynch

dale cooper coffee

The fourth episode, which ends up being one of the most comedic things I’ve seen Lynch direct (yet still terrifying in its final moments), begins at the Silver Mustang Casino where Cooper is racking up the winnings. A slot junkie who has befriended Cooper, so he’ll he point out the machines about to pay out nicknames our hero “Mr. Jackpots”. The management of the casino is less than pleased about Cooper’s streak, but there is no evidence he is cheating or rigging the machines. In between playing the slots, Cooper runs into Bill and Candy Shaker (Ethan Suplee and Sara Paxton), friends of Dougie Jones. Bill remarks that “Dougie” is “taking a walk on the wild side” while Candy seems to pick up on the fact that something is very wrong with Cooper. In passing they mention that “Dougie” lives on Lancelot Avenue at the house with the red door, just around the corner from Merlin’s Market. These Arthurian name drops to go along with the location of the gate to the Black Lodge in Twin Peaks, Glastonbury Grove. As Cooper stumbles out to the bay of cabs, he’s stopped by a casino employee who takes him to the manager so that he can collect his winnings. The manager gives an air of annoyance about the winning streak and grudgingly asks Cooper to come back and visit soon

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