Comic Book Review – Green Lantern: Mosaic Part 1

gl mosaic

Green Lantern: Mosaic – Part 1
Green Lantern Volume 3 #14 – 17


In the late 1980s, Green Lantern was the next property on DC Comics’ list to retool. The character, as a concept, has existed since the 1940s, but the incarnation at the time was quite different from its the masked crimefighter roots. Since the 1960s, the character had been reframed as a member of an intergalactic space corps using rings powered by will to create constructs. Over the course of twenty years, the title’s lead had been changed from time to time. It’s quite different from most other DC titles, you wouldn’t expect to see other characters taking over the mantle of Superman or Batman (at least not at the time). Hal Jordan was the chief GL, with school gym teacher Guy Gardner popping up for a short run, and then John Stewart, an African-American architect. Stewart is the focus of the Mosaic arc and spin-off series.

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Comic Book Review – The New Teen Titans Volume 4

The New Teen Titans Volume 4
Written by Marv Wolfman and George Perez
Art by George Perez & Romeo Tanghal
Reprinting The New Teen Titans v1 #21-27, Annual #1

new teen titans v4

The Titans investigate the murder of a former friend of Cyborg’s which leads them to the cult of Brother Blood. He’s a dark religious figure who seems to have his grasp on the highest echelons of power across the globe and puts forward a convincing smear campaign against the Titans. The main event though is the team’s first meeting with Starfire’s sister, Komand’r aka Blackfire. The Titans team up with Superman and the Omega Men on a journey that hurtles them across the galaxy to the Vega System, embroiled in its major civil war. The goddess X’Hal is nearing resurrection, and the Citadel wants to control her. It’s up to our heroes, a long way from their home on Earth, to do something about it.

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Comic Book Review – The New Teen Titans Volume 3

The New Teen Titans Volume 3
Written by Marv Wolfman & George Perez
Art by George Perez, Romeo Tanghal, Dick Giordano, Brett Breeding, and Pablo Marcos
Collects The New Teen Titans V1 #17 – 20 & Tales of the New Teen Titans V1 #1-4


This third entry into the classic New Teen Titans series is a bit of pause from the non-stop story arcs of the previous two. Here we have four standalone stories and a mini-series that has the Titans on vacation with four members recounting stories of their early days including origins. The first story is an introduction of the tragic superheroine Magenta and serves as a Kid Flash spotlight. The second story is the return of the Silver Age Starfire, a Soviet superhero. The third tale brings Hawkman in for guest spot as Dr. Light breaks from prison after his encounter with the Titans back in Volume 1. The fourth story is a “Day in the Life” piece from the POV of Kid Flash as he writes a letter home to his parents.

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Movie Review – Fanny and Alexander

Fanny and Alexander (1982)
Written & Directed by Ingmar Bergman


At the start of the 20th century, the Ekdahl family are living a luxurious and free life. Helena is the matriarch of this clan, followed by three sons at various stages of life. Gustav is a boisterous restauranter, Oscar manages the theater Helena and her husband used to own, and Carl has fallen into ill repute as a result of a drink. The family is seen through the eyes of Oscar’s son Alexander during their last Christmas Eve as a complete unit, and then tragedy strikes. A series of rash decisions leaves Alexander and his sister Fanny in a dire situation and their family grieves while trying to find a way to reunite them all.

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Comic Book Review – The New Teen Titans Volume 2

The New Teen Titans Volume 2
Written by Marv Wolfman & George Perez
Art by George Perez & Romeo Tanghal

The_New_Teen_Titans_Vol._2_TPBThe Titans begin to form stronger bonds in this second collection of Wolfman and Perez’s legendary run. There are two core story arcs presented here: Donna Troy’s temptation at the hands of the Titans of Myth & Changeling’s quest to avenge the fallen Doom Patrol. Both stories set in stone a lot of future Titans mythos, particularly the Doom Patrol storyline. This volume also serves to further connect the Titans with the DC Universe, and it’s very complicated history.

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Comic Book Review – The New Teen Titans Volume 1

The New Teen Titans Volume 1
Written by Marv Wolfman & George Perez
Art by George Perez, Romeo Tanghal, and Curt Swan

New_Teen_Titans_Vol._1_TPBRobin, the Boy Wonder, now a college dropout is pulled down a critical path that will redefine his life forever. The mysterious Raven calls on him as well as Wonder Girl and Kid Flash to join a new group of teenage superheroes. As is stated in one story, this isn’t the junior Justice League. Filling out the ranks are Changeling (formerly Doom Patrol’s Beast Boy), Cyborg, and Starfire. They take down the Gordanian menace that holds Starfire in bondage and quickly follow that up with their first encounter against Deathstroke the Terminator. Raven’s real purpose is revealed shortly after that, as she explains she needs to prevent the demonic menace Trigon the Terrible from breaching the walls between universes and conquering Earth. He uses the Fearsome Five, a team of B-tier villains to herald his arrival and Raven must find a way to hold together a frequently splintering team.

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Movie Review – Pin

Pin (1988)
Written and Directed by Sandor Stern


Young Leon and his sister Ursula are growing up with an incredibly strict mother and father. She is a housewife obsessed with keeping their home a clean and tidy place. He is a doctor who uses ventriloquism to speak through a lifesize medical mannequin nicknamed Pin. Their father does this to teach life lessons to the siblings, but Leon becomes very invested in this ruse even as he grows older. Ursula is in on the trick but finds Leon becomes very sensitive when the truth is pointed out. Tragedy strikes and the two are left to fend for themselves in the world. Leon thinks it would be a good idea to move Pin from his father’s offices to their enormous mansion. Fun ensues.

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