Cinematic Immersion Tank #1

If you haven’t been watching the excellent Welcome to the Basement film series on YouTube, start doing that. Hosted by Matt Sloan (Chad Vader) and Craig Johnson, the series has the men watching a film that either both or one of them has never seen before. In one of the episodes, Mr. Sloan brings up the Cinematic Immersion Tank, a variant on some previous challenges where a person would watch a film for a consecutive 30 days or 7 days. Sloan’s variant sets it at five days, a more reasonable accomplishment. The goal of the CIT is that the viewer will begin to extrapolate a greater understanding of themes and more subtle elements of the picture upon viewing it so many times, so close together.

So, whether this is foolish or not, I am going to let you good readers vote on which film I shall go into the tank with. The dates of my immersion will be June 21st thru 25th. The choices you can vote on are listed below with a brief description if you aren’t familiar with the film. I have seen all of these only once. My theme is mysterious films released in the last five years.

it follows

It Follows (2015, dir. David Robert Mitchell)

A young girl is stricken with a curse. An ever shifting spectre follows her wherever she goes. Very stylistic, low fi horror.


Nightcrawler (2014, dir. Dan Gilroy)

A sinister man becomes immersed in the world of freelance crime reporting. As he delves deeper into the field, he takes risks that begin to endanger those around him but that continue to make him rich. Nocturnal LA-based crime thriller.


Sound of My Voice (2011, dir. Zal Batmanglij)

A couple of amateur documentarians go undercover to investigate the charismatic leader of a cult. This leader claims to come from the future and it begins to look like this is the truth.


Martha Marcy May Marlene (2011, dir. Sean Durkin)

A young woman escapes a rural cult and finds help from her estranged sister. Paranoia looms over the traumatized woman as she believes the cult is out to find her and bring her back. Very slow burn indie thriller.

Vote here for the film you want me to be immersed with for 5 days!

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