YouTube Channels That Are Worth Your Time #1

Movies with Mikey on Chainsawsuit Original 


Movies with Mikey is hosted by Mikey Neumann. Neumann is the Chief Creative Champion at Gearbox is responsible for a lot of the writing on the Borderlands game and has worked in video game development since he was 19. He’s been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, suffered a stroke at the age of 29, and is openly asexual. Why do I share all this with you? Because I believe his personal experiences and journey have given him an amazing perspective on life and as a result films. Neumann is putting out some of the most interesting and thought provoking film content on YouTube and it is incredibly funny as well. Below you can see his reviews of Mad Max: Fury Road and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Full disclosure, his Star Wars review almost made me cry, very touching and meaningful.

Mad Max review –
The Force Awakens review



Munchies is Vice Magazine’s version of the Food Network. It is exactly like it sounds like. Very subversive, transgressive, and interesting. This channel is the home to Huang’s World (featuring chef Eddie Huang), Keep it Canada with Matty Matheson, and Fuck, That’s Delicious with Action Bronson. If you want something with a bit more of life and a different perspective than Guy Fieri’s this is the food channel you have been searching for.


Keep it Canada with Matty Matheson –

Huang’s World –

Watch It Played

watch it played

I first came across Rodney Smith’s channel after purchasing the board game Mice & Mystics from Plaid Hat Games. The channel had a wonderful tutorial on setting up the game as well some actual game play. I began to exploring the archives and found tons of great videos about board games and how to play them. What makes the channel so great is Mr. Smith’s welcoming personality. It feels like sitting down at the table with a great friend. Some play-throughs have even involved his teenage daughter and son and it’s really nice to watch them play together, It never feels performative but like a real family playing games.


Dead of Winter –




Nerdwriter1 is the creation of Evan Puschak, a former production person for MSNBC and The Discovery Channel, who now works to “cultivate a worldview”. Puschak believe it is important for every person, no matter economic or social status to have a well rounded understanding of the ideology and philosophy behind everything from fine art to hip hop to cartoon shows. He’s managed to produce an impressive body of work and Nerdwriter1 is now his full time job.


How Donald Trump Answers a Question –

Pan’s Labyrinth: A Disobedient Fairy Tale –



Ralph Sepe, Jr. is a college student from Long Island, New York who started making movies as a kid and started a YouTube channel is his teens. He’s produced an impressive short film titled King Candy, which takes candy bar fundraising and combines it with Scorsese style mob films. His reviews of big budget Hollywood films are hilarious and showcase a very wry, young sense of humor. Looking forward to see how this kid does as he continues to refine his craft.


The Worst Show on Television: Mystery Diners

Reasons SPECTRE Sucks!! –

I realize these are mostly channels with just white dudes hosting them. I would really like to watch some more diverse channels that touch on the subjects of film and popular media. If you know of channels like these that aren’t getting the attention they deserve, hit me up in the comments. Always eager to add more to my regular viewing.


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