Games for Two – Lost in R’lyeh & Sushi Go

After attending Origins 2016, I returned home with a decent assortment of new card and board games. This year I focused on smaller games that worked with two players, as my wife is my most common playmate. Expect posts through the next couple months as I play these games.


Lost in R’lyeh (Atlas Games, designed by Kedrick Winks, Illustrated by Kelley Hensing)

lost in rlyeh

Lost in R’lyeh is one of my favorite games I played at Origins for couple reasons. First, we got to play it with our wonderful friend Renee who was putting in many hours at the Atlas Games’ space. She did a great job laying out the game and it’s mechanics. Second, it was a game that my wife and I picked up quickly and, when we returned to waiting at the Games on Demand area, were able to get out and play a couple games of.

Lost in R’lyeh is a Lovecraftian trick taking card game. The premise is that the players are all trapped in the realm of Cthuhlu and must escape. This involves laying out cards, trying to create matching sets of numbers. Numbered cards have effects and the more of them in a row the more powerful the effects become. There are also Elder Sign cards that are like Wild cards in Uno. They can be played at any time and can be very disruptive to other players. Certain Elder Sign cards duplicate numbered cards, force the entire stack of cards onto another player, allow you to take the stack and all the tricks within it, and more. The game ends when only one person is left with cards and they are trapped by the Elder Gods.

As I said before, very easy to learn and Renee even mentioned Uno as she was explaining it. So think of it as that classic card game with effects added if you stack up similarly numbered cards in a row. I can see it being one of those warm up games before a roleplay session or a great way to kill some time. We were lucky enough to buy a copy at Origins before the game dropped for all consumers. Good news, Lost in R’lyeh is available as of today!

Amazon link –

Cool Stuff Inc link –


Sushi Go! (Gamewright, designed by Phil Walker-Harding, illustrated by Nan Rangsima, Tobias Schweiger, Phil Walker-Harding)

sushi go

When I went over to the Cool Stuff Inc booth on Sunday morning, looking for last minute slashes in pricing I didn’t find anything that caught my eye. Then when I looked to the register and smaller card games I noticed the little tin box for Sushi Go! I’d seen it before online, my wife likes sushi, it was only $9, so I bought it. Our friend Mark expressed a lot of enthusiasm over the game when he saw it in my bag so I wondered what this game was all about.

Sushi Go! is a “draft and pass” card game. Each player has a number of cards in their hand and chooses one and plays it face down. Once every player has done this they reveal their card and then pass their hand to the player on their right. You repeat drawing a single card face down and then pass. Your goal is to create sets. Different sets are worth different point values. Maki have either 1, 2, or 3 on them and at the end of the round the player with the most Maki gets 6 points, the next player down gets 3. Nigiri has a set value, but that can be multiplied by three if you play Wasabi first. Every two Shrimp Tempura offer up 5 points, every three Sashimi offer up 10. Chopsticks allow card swapping and Pudding stays on the table through every round and is used to add 6 points to the holder and take 6 points from the people without Pudding.

There is quite a bit of interesting strategy here. You can go for the quick points, just dropping Nigiri on the table, or set up larger point drops for later, laying out Wasabi or putting down Sashimi. If you only have two players, there is a Dummy player variant listed in the instructions. Playing this with two players has a much more subdued and direct strategy. I suspect with a larger number of players things get crazier and even more fun. Simple, easy for everyone to pick up on and play.

Amazon link –

Cool Stuff Inc –

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