My Favorite Disturbing YouTube Videos and Channels

Unedited Footage of a Bear
unedited bear
Adult Swim decided in 2013 to experiment with its deep late night programming. They took the banal infomercial that you come across if you’re up in the wee hours and turned it into some of the most powerfully transgressive film making out there. Most of you have probably seen their most famous output, Too Many Cooks, which, while funny, is nowhere near as powerful as this short film from director Alan Resnick. It starts out with what looks to be footage of people watching a grizzly bear, then becomes a commercial for allergy medicine, and then evolves into a nightmare. I’ve watched this around half a dozen times and there is a lot to take from it.

This House Has People In It

this house has people in it

Another short from Alan Resnick. This one is harder to crack than “Bear”. It’s a series of CCTV feeds from a home security system. There is weird stuff right from the get go. A couple arguing, a teenage girl lying stiff as a board face down on the floor, grandma watching a bizarre pottery show, the baby wandering around. Things just get more odd and you will need to watch every window to catch what’s happening in the yard. It all culminates in creepy climax that leaves you with tons of questions. This one has a very extensive alternate reality game attached to it. See if you can discover the clues and get lost in this strange art piece.

Hey Kids

hey kidsGet your sport shoes ready! At first glance, the majority of the content on Hey Kids is just a series of repetitive and dumb finger family videos. However, you eventually come across the strange bald figure with over-sized eyes and mouth superimposed on its face. It speaks in a hard to pin down accent and talks in almost nonsensical sentences. The more recent videos on the channel seems to show an obsession with the Illuminati and creepypasta. Is there meaning behind this string of increasingly insane gibberish? What mind generates all of this demented content?


that poppyI always felt there was something off about Ariana Grande. I thought the apparent overnight flip from tween star to twerking Molly enthusiast by Miley Cyrus was bizarre. The entire assembly line of female pop in America is strange to me. Even stranger than American pop is the highly manufactured KPop and JPop scenes. This is where we come to That Poppy. She is influenced by the Asian pop scene and has a very polite demeanor in all her videos. Watch closely though, something is wrong with Poppy. All that Illuminati iconography in her video for “Lowlife. Such cryptic sentiments in her videos. Something is wonderfully wrong with Poppy…


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