Short Film Showcase #6

Please, Kill Mr. Kinski (1999)
Written & Directed by David Schmoeller

In 1986, director David Schmoeller worked with notorious actor Klaus Kinski on the set of his film Crawlspace. As expected, Kinski was a nightmare to direct and continuously tried to find ways to throw a wrench in the production. It became especially terrible when Kinksi learned that Schmoeller went to the producers to get the actor thrown off the picture. This is a short essay film, a docu-comedy, sort of like a story Kevin Smith tells in his live shows. I haven’t seen Herzog’s My Best Fiend yet, but I suspect it covers the same territory with more depth.

I Live in The Woods (2008)
Written & Directed by Max Winston

This bright and sunny short takes a dark turn by the end and becomes a piece of horrific existentialism. The Woodsman is bounding through the forest, reciting a poem about how much fun he has living his life. He extolls that he is free and communes with the birds and the beasts of the field. Then things get dark, like really dark, and just keep going until the shocking conclusion. To say more would spoil the experience, but a lot is going on here.

Unedited Footage of a Bear (2014)
Written by Alan Resnick, Dina Kelberman, Robby Rackleff, & Ben O’Brien
Directed by Alan Resnick & Ben O’Brien

I love Alan Resnick’s work for Adult Swim. He’s taken their “infomercial” block, short films aired in the middle of the night, and injected it with horrific life. This particular short film begins with precisely what the title says, before going to what looks like a YouTube ad. The commercial is for allergy medication and features a mother who seems a little overwhelmed by her two children. The advertisement keeps going with the announcer rattling off the side effects that grow more and more dangerous. Then the voice-over fades, and the real nightmare unfolds. This is another I don’t want to say too much, but after you’ve watched it, you might want to check out Night Mind’s analysis over on YouTube.

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