Short Film Showcase Christmas Special 2019

Here is a over-sized serving of Christmas-themed short films from Disney to Wes Anderson. Enjoy!

The Snowman (1982, directed by Dianne Jackson)

This classic animated special features gorgeous animation, a wordless story, and haunting music. It’s a British favorite and one that always adds some magic to the holiday season.

Pluto’s Christmas Tree (1952, directed by Jack Hannah)

This is a simple story of Chip and Dale intruding onto Pluto and Mickey Mouse’s holiday festivities. Lots of great visual gags and a short animated film that always makes me feel ready for the season.

Garfield and Friends Christmas (1987, directed by Phil Roman)

Let me go on the record of saying I hate Garfield. But, I really love this special. It manages to make the character not so annoying and abrasive. The story is actually quite lovely and charming.

Joe Pera Helps You Find the Perfect Christmas Tree (2016, directed by Marty Schousboe)

You can’t go wrong with Joe Pera. In this prelude to his Adult Swim series, Pera takes the viewer the long way round on deciding which tree to pick in a way only this earnest comedian can.

Come Together (2016, directed by Wes Anderson)

It’s a Christmas short by Wes Anderson. It’s sort of exactly what you would expect it to look and be like. Also sort of an ad for H & M.

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