The State of the Blog 2020

2019 was a year of changes with the shutting down of Google+, a venue where I grew the current iteration of the blog starting back in 2015. My views recovered and they grew by 3% from the previous year. I had my longest consecutive streak of 1,000+ views per month (June through November). Here’s what I have planned looking ahead into a new decade.

We are going back and doing some film series centered around actors & directors of the past.
In January, we look through the work of Hal Ashby. In February, we shift to director Billy Wilder. Throughout the year, I’ll be watching & reviewing the work of Norman Jewison, John Huston, Robert Bresson, and William Wyler. For acting, we’ll feature retrospectives for Meryl Streep and Burt Lancaster.

Additionally, we kick off 2020 by doing a deep dive into the live-action movies of Disney. We also begin a long-running series focused on “sleeper horror,” films not considered part of the horror genre but in terms of theme and tone fit perfectly in that niche. This includes pictures like Day of the Locust, Deliverance, Detour, and more.

Our summer film series will be split into two parts: Flashback to ‘85 and Flashback to ‘95. In the first half, we’ll be revisiting pictures like Cocoon, Enemy Mine, Ladyhawke, & more. The ‘95 marathon in July will feature such pictures as Die Hard With a Vengeance, A Little Princess, Heat, & lots of others I’ve seen or missed.

A second round of “Hope in the Midst of Darkness” will happen sometime in 2020. The films featured this time are Rashomon, World of Tomorrow, The Times of Harvey Milk, Lorenzo’s Oil, Lost in Translation, & Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter…and Spring.

Of course, contemporary films will pop up along the way as I see & discover them. Check out my most anticipated list to get an idea of what might be reviewed here.

I’ll continue my Best of.. series with Black-ish and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. I will also be doing episodic reviews of Picard when it launches in January. Succession Season 2, The Handmaid’s Tale, Fleabag Season 2, AppleTV+’s Servant are just some of the shows I am watching/plan on watching and getting up reviews for. I came across some write-ups for The Carmichael Show, a short-lived NBC series, and want to dig into that this year too.

Comic Books
Focusing on Image Comics throughout the year. Titles I’ll be reading & reviewing are:
Seven to Eternity, Gideon Falls, Jupiter’s Circle/Legacy, The Wicked + Divine, Injection, Descender, Infidel, Die, Middlewest, East of West, Bitch Planet, Black Science, and Deadly Class.

My summer series will be focused on Tom King’s Batman run in June and finishing up some long-running DC Comics reviews series (George Perez’s Wonder Woman, Mark Waid’s Flash, and working through a big chunk of Marv Wolfman’s New Teen Titans).

Along the way, look for reviews for New Mutants: The Demon Bear Saga, Alan Moore & Neil Gaiman’s Miracleman runs, X-Statix Complete Collection Volume 1, Donny Cate’s Venom, Mister Miracle by Englehart & Gerber, and more.

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