Media Moment (02/01/20)

So A24 is looking at developing the film Under the Skin into a television series. I have to say that is an unexpected move but I am sort of into it. The film, based on the novel by Michael Faber, is a minimalist creepy horror picture about an alien walking the Earth disguised as a human. Her purpose is to seduce people and bring them in as food for her own species. The movie doesn’t have much dialogue and relies on the powerful mood developed by director Jonathan Glazer.

Under the Skin as a tv series as been in development for a few years but it sounds like it is about to move into production as A24 decides on a distributor. I have no idea what the show would be or if it will adhere to the tone of the movie or allow its central character to speak more and give exposition about what is happening. I could see this strongly appealing to fans of David Lynch with its mystic sense of the cosmic and alien.

I wonder if they will expand the regular cast? There are only two characters that we follow throughout the film, The Female and The Bad Man. Neither of them says much but through the visuals, we are clearly aware of their goals and how their characters change. Will we have The Female encountering other disguised aliens on Earth? Will there be a more detailed explanation of why this species needs humans to eat? Do we even need that? I’ll be interested to see what form this project takes.

With Bumblebee, I found myself enjoying a Transformers film for the first time in the modern film franchise’s tenure. This is likely because Michael Bay wasn’t directing it. I think bringing animator Travis Knight on to direct helped make an otherwise lifeless CGI character into one brimming with personality and pathos.

Now it sounds like Paramount is working on two Transformers pictures to “revamp” the series. I felt like Bumblebee did that by grounding the mythos back in the classic background story. That opening sequence in Bumblebee on Cybertron getting to see the classic look Transformers was pretty cool. And the film that followed understood character development better than anything Bay has brought to the table. The screenwriter of David Fincher’s Zodiac, James Vanderbilt will be penning a Beast Wars movie so that’s a good sign. The other picture is being written by Joby Harold who is behind the script for Zack Snyder’s upcoming Army of the Dead, so yuck on that front.

Swallow trailer

Fast and Furious 9 Trailer – July is going to be in May this year #fastnfuriousjuly

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