Media Moment (02/15/20)

So I don’t really care about the Oscars. I think it was 2005 when they gave Best Picture to Crash that I realized the whole thing was pointless. As I’ve gotten into Film more, I’ve learned that the best films often get ignored by the Academy, so whatever. However, it was quite lovely that Parasite won Best Original Screenplay, Best International Feature, Best Director, and Best Picture. It was my favorite film of 2019, so I’m that Bong Joon-ho and his work are getting more recognition. I wish the actors had gotten some nominations.

A Parasite tv series is in development with HBO. Now before you raise your hackles, Bong is going to be involved in the development and actually has a great comparison to what he’s doing. Much like Ingmar Bergman had films like Scenes from a Marriage & Fanny and Alexander that also existed as more in-depth television series, Bong wants to do the same with Parasite. This will mean having the opportunity to spotlight certain characters and relationships and devote an hour to examining them within the context of the story. I have to say, I’m on board with that.

Casting wise things are in the early stages. Mark Ruffalo has been cast, I would expect he would play the American version of Mr. Kim, the patriarch of the underclass family. It also sounds like Tilda Swinton is in talks to work with Bong again (Snowpiercer), and I could see her as Mrs. Park or even Moon-gwang, the housekeeper. I expect the cast will be expanded to flesh the world out more. I also am excited to see how Bong comments on American capitalism and the political landscape specifically, and how much he has the change the story (or how little) to adapt it to the States.  

Olivia Wilde delivered a strong directorial feature debut with Booksmart last year. It reminded me of the best aspects of Apatow era comedies, especially Freaks & Geeks. Wilde’s next film will be a biopic of Kerri Strug, the gymnast who pushed through an injury to help secure the gold for America’s women’s gymnastics team in the 1996 Olympics. Wilde has said it’s one of the best scripts she’s ever read and is chomping at the bit to start making it. I’m very intrigued about casting and could easily see Wilde pushing for Kaitlyn Dever as Strug, and it would be a great fit. I’m also wondering how critical this film will be of the gymnastics world. I’ve read Little Girls in Pretty Boxes by Joan Ryan, which was a critique of the abusive practices in women’s gymnastics. Add to that the trial of Larry Nassar, the high-level doctor who molested many gymnasts and the sport seems like it should come under scrutiny in a film like this.

Wes Anderson gives us the first look at his new film The French Dispatch.

The first of what looks like fantastic films from actor Dev Patel, The Personal History of David Copperfield.

Then we have David Lowrey’s The Green Knight that looks like an intriguing blend of fantasy & horror.

Here are some great films you may or may not have known are available to stream on Netflix and Amazon.

A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon
Blade Runner: The Final Cut
Good Time

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