Media Moment (02/28/20)

In my personal life, I am in the midst of something that could potentially change my life forever. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’m an elementary school teacher and have been doing this for fourteen years of my life. I have tried to stay in contact or reconnect with individual students over the years, and this last week one of those relationships has become something more significant. A young woman I taught in 3rd & 4th grade and is now a junior in high school contacted my wife. Her home life has been negatively affected by emotional abuse and neglect to the point that Child Services became involved. Since Monday, she and her younger brother have been living with us. Our goal at this point is to get this extended to longer if not permanent custody. Even though I’ve taught for so long, we have no children of our own, and I’ve always leaned more towards having a childfree home. After this week, I simply don’t want our life to have not have these kids in it. It’s also made me think about the films I would want to share with them if they do stay.

The girl had already gone to a few movies with us in the last year. We took her to see Parasite, Waves, and Little Women, and she loved all three. Just the other night, we watched Billy Wilder’s The Apartment, and she was enamored with that film. I think it’s really fun to have kids this age who can appreciate more complex and emotional films. I think she would really love Amelie and Lost in Translation. She’s a lovely, kind, and intelligent kid. I really hope she and her brother can stay with us. We learn more on Wednesday.

Jeremy Saulnier, director of Blue Ruin and Green Room, is in production on his next film, Rebel Ridge. Not much is known about the plot. The only blurb from the studio is “a high-velocity thriller that explores systemic American injustices through intense action sequences, suspense, and dark humor.” It stars John Boyega with the supporting cast, including Don Johnson and James Cromwell. Saulnier has a pretty strong track record for delivering moody, tense films, so I’m looking forward to this one.

The trailer for the Candyman remake dropped and it looks better than I anticipated.

Saint Maud is a new horror film from A24. I’m not quite as hyped as I have been for other horror movies they’ve put out but it still looks promising.

Tales from the Loop is a science fiction anthology adapted from the artwork of Simon Stålenhag. This wasn’t really on my radar but it most certainly is now!

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