Media Moment (03/13/20)

Well, coronavirus has wreaked havoc with movies and television. In these times, they are some of the least important things (or at least they should be). Because the United States is so focused on capitalist consumption, it is notable that the entire Disney theme park/cruise division is shutting down for the rest of the month. Additionally, films like No Time To Die, Fast & Furious 9, New Mutants, and others have been bumped back on the calendar or indefinitely. You have to wonder when movie theaters will starting shutting down due to a decrease in audiences.

One thing this all points out is how new distribution models can work around these delays. Independent films whose business model is based around digital distribution for the majority of their audience won’t be affected. For a movie like New Mutants, which has been delayed since 2017, a digital distribution might be the best bet. Make it a Hulu exclusive, and you net at least a bunch of new subscribers for a month. Theaters already complain about waning audiences, so this might be a good opportunity for a studio to test a semi-major release as digital until the coronavirus eases off.

Central Park is an Apple TV+ original series from Loren Bouchard (Bob’s Burgers)

Heavy Wicker Man vibes in this The Third Day trailer from HBO. The music reminds me of Arrival.

Now playing on Netflix, System Crasher is about a little girl with emotional issues. As a public school teacher, this looks like one that will hit very close to home.

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