Media Moment (03/20/20)

These are worrisome times. I don’t expect we are close to the end of this crisis, and without strong centralized action, it is only going to get worse. I’ve noticed that our “leaders” are passing the buck instead of taking charge. The president says it’s all on the governors, which is one way of saying, “I’m not taking responsibility for this.” Even down to my local state legislature and governor, they refuse to take action and just suggest what should happen. In the meantime, some Hollywood studios are putting up movies for distribution.

Today for a hefty price tag than usual, you can stream the following movies on pretty much whatever your platform of choice is:
*The Invisible Man
*The Hunt
*Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Coming later this month and in April are:
*Bloodshot (March 24)
*The Way Back (March 24)
*The Gentlemen (March 24)
*Just Mercy (March 24)
*Birds of Prey (March 24)
*Trolls World Tour (April 10)

So DC Comics is going to be rolling out a relatively dramatic reboot of their comics universe this year. They are known for tinkering drastically with their continuity every few years, so you may be jaded by their antics at this point. I am old enough that I just don’t care if things change anymore, and with DC Universe’s all you can eat comics model, I can always revisit the old stuff if I love it enough. The reboot is being called 5G (for 5th Generation).

The seeds of this change have already been planted in the pages of Wonder Woman #750, where she is established as the first superhero in the DC Universe. In the final pages of that issue, we flashback to the 1930s, where Alan Scott (who becomes the first Green Lantern) sees a newsreel reporting about Wonder Woman, and it is implied she will be the inspiration for the heroes who become the Justice Society of America during World War II.

A panel in the Watchmen sequel Doomsday Clock gives a peek at a near-future DC Universe. The background reveals an African-American Batman (likely Batwing, aka Luke Fox), an African Wonder Woman, and what looks like a “Turtle Boy”? What DC has said about 5G is that it will push some characters further back in the timeline and move the stories forward. What this means is that characters like Batman and Superman will be aged and their children or successors will be taking up their mantles. I am totally up for a DC Universe that moves things forward, but I also am not foolish enough to think any of this is permanent. It also doesn’t help that DC head Dan DiDio stepped down from his position last month. That leads me to believe that what 5G was initially intended to be is likely going to change as a new person is put in charge.

Pendleton Ward, the creator of Adventure Time, has a new show coming to Netflix. Here’s the trailer for The Midnight Gospel, definitely not a show for kids!

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