Media Moment (03/27/20)

We’re in for a very strange restructuring of the film calendar. Wonder Woman 1984 has been delayed from its May release to August, a month not typically seen as where studios put big tentpoles. Black Widow has been moved from late April to November (likely Thanksgiving) for its release. Production for The Batman has been indefinitely delayed, so that should come out in late 2021 or further at this point. Despite all of this, filming for Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness is set to still begin in June. It appears that this current phase of the MCU is very dependent on certain movies & shows releasing at certain times in relation to each other. Strange is set for release in May of 2021. 

Even more movies are being released early as movie theaters chains across America shut down due to COVID-19. Here are some upcoming releases sorted by date. These are online rental only unless otherwise noted.

March 27
Portrait of a Lady on Fire (Hulu)
The Call of the Wild

April 10
Trolls World Tour

SXSW has put almost every short film from is 2020 schedule online! Oh, this is awesome!

David Fincher gave an online lecture to 450 film students via Zoom earlier this week. I’m crossing my finger that they had recorded this and hope they will publicly release it.

I’m a public school teacher so, while I will still be providing academic and emotional supports to students via online platforms, I will have the ability to post more on my blog as I have during March. I will be doing several themed series, which are the following:

  • Tragedy as Comedy: The Films of Preston Sturges
  • Elementary Cinema (elementary schools as seen in film)
  • SXSW Short Film Festival @ Home
  • The Best of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine continues
  • Reviewing the entire Image Comics series The Wicked + Divine
  • Weekly reviews of Amazon’s new series Tales From the Loop
  • Plus whatever strikes my fancy, and I have time for

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