Short Film Showcase 2020 #3

Rachel (Directed by Andrew DeYoung)
I love the comedic duo of John Early & Kate Berlant. Their Vimeo exclusive series 555 is brilliant, and everyone should watch it. This short film, directed by Andrew DeYoung, who was also behind the show, dramatizes a real-life situation that occurred to Early and his friends at a small house party one night. I don’t want to give away the details, but the short is a beautiful blend of horror, comedy, and that nervous, anxious cringey feeling—one of my favorite shorts of all-time, so simple yet brilliant.

Possibly in Michigan (Directed by Cecelia Condit)
This is a very strange short that’s an operatic horror story presented in a collage-style narrative. Two women meet in a local shopping mall and sing about how they always end up drawn into “violence and perfume.” They are pursued by a frighteningly masked male stalker. There are elements of fairy tales, body horror, and comedy, all intermixed in a short film that will elicit some emotion from the viewer, whether positive or negative.

“3rd Eye” Cult Murders (Directed by Todd Spence & Zack White)
This found-footage horror short attempts to appear from the 1970s, but the digital film with a filter over it doesn’t necessarily create the perfect illusion of a Super 8 camera. What works so perfectly here is the tension which doesn’t ever deflate with empty jump scares. Almost as soon as the picture starts, you’ll feel that dread building. The payoff is genuinely terrifying and dripping with delicious ambiguity, details obscured.


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