Short Film Showcase 2020 #4

Vert (2019)
Written & Directed by Kate Cox

A married couple, played by Nick Frost & Nikki Amuka-Bird, are celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary. She has purchased a pair of linked virtual reality glasses that purport to show the user their ideal self. Meanwhile, another gift for her husband sits on the bed waiting to be given later. I was pleasantly surprised by where this short film went and how sensitive it handled its story. You see Nick Frost and expect something comedic but this is more in the vein of a Black Mirror’s San Junipero. I think these sorts of stories work better in short form that stretched out for an hour, we get straight to the themes and don’t need things over explicated.

Until There Was Nothing (2020)
Written by Alan Watts
Directed by Paul Trillo

Using the words of the spiritual lecturer Alan Watts and some computer software to provide distortion, Paul Trillo muses on what the universe would look like if a massive black hole  “spaghettified” all of existence. Watts’s words focus on the idea of embracing the idea of nothing and how your personal self is nothing which exists alongside other nothing. That one day all you know will be consumed gone and how freeing the idea of embracing the cold void can be. There is no destiny for you, no path of fate. You are nothing therefore you are free to be whatever you please.

Cautionary Tales (2016)
Written & Directed by Luke Taylor & Christopher Barrett

This is one of those joke short films which consists of mostly set-up and then a punchline. I am not a huge fan of this style of short because it never really has a great impact on me. However, the special effects and makeup work here is fantastic. I think if anything, this short film makes a good showcase reel of the filmmakers’ makeup talents and should get them jobs on larger production in that area.

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