Media Moment (07/17/20)

Luca Guadagnino completely wowed me with the 2018 remake of Suspiria, a better film than the original. Now, Universal has hired him to helm a Scarface reboot, and I am incredibly excited to see what he does. I loved in Suspira how Guadagnino took the essential elements of the 1970s original but gave us a completely different experience that was even more horrific and thoughtful. I fully expect he will provide us with a Scarface that offers a nod to the 1930s and 1980s versions but is entirely new. I’d love it if it was a period piece in the 1980s but emphasizing a different tone that De Palma’s.

Theaters continue to play the scheduling shuffle with July being cleared of new releases and studios betting on August or September. There is already buzz that Christopher Nolan’s Tenet will be pushed back again from its August 12th release date. Alex Winter hinted on Twitter that Bill & Ted Face Music will likely be moved from August 28th. Marvel appears to be marketing the loooooong delayed New Mutants at the upcoming virtual Comic-Con, and I honestly wish they’d just dump the thing in On Demand or Hulu at this point. I cannot imagine movie theaters being open by the end of August with the trajectory of infections and people’s unwillingness to just wear the damn masks. Plus, with schools opening, I expect will we see another massive infection spike before Labor Day.

She Dies Tomorrow trailer

Possessor trailer

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