Media Moment (08/14/20)

Against all logic & reason, AMC Theaters are reopening 100 locations on August 20th. For that one day, tickets will be sold at 15 cents advertised as a “1920s price”. It’s clear the dirt cheap ticket price is an experiment to see who is willing to go out in the pandemic to watch a movie in a theater. Prices after will be $5 as the chain shows old films like Black Panther, Back to the Future, and The Empire Strikes Back. Disney is still adamant they will open The New Mutants in whatever theaters are open on August 28th.

As a big fan of movies, enough that I started a blog about them twelve years ago, I will not be visiting any movie theater for a good long while. Especially not when cases are higher in my area than ever. I am perfectly comfortable viewing them from the comfort of my own home. I would be very willing to fork over a premium price to watch first-run features in my house, like Disney+ is doing with Mulan or how the Bill & Ted movie is being released. It will be interesting to see what results AMC has when it rolls out this reopening.

Ryan Murphy brings a prequel series about Nurse Ratched to Netflix. Promising trailer but American Horror Story has been so disappointing the last couple years.

Raised by Wolves is the first HBO Max original that actually looks interesting to me.

Charlie Kaufman’s next feature is coming to Netflix with this adaptation of the psychological horror novel I’m Thinking Of Ending Things.

Antonio Campos’s The Devil All the Time looks to have a cast made of many “hot, young” actors. Tom Holland, Robert Pattinson, Riley Keough, and more. I’m in.

Justin Siemen (Dear White People) is ready to deliver a Black horror film in October on Hulu with Bad Hair, a terrifying examination of being Black and caught between a tug of war of cultures. The mixed critical and audience reviews have me worried, but I still hold out hope.

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