Weekly Wonderings – February 1st, 2021

A new month means some new series on the blog. I’d normally post my Weekly Wonderings today, but because it’s February 1st those wonderings will be centered around what is coming up on PopCult this month. And another chance to push my Patreon, which I want to grow just because I really liked my first Patron Pick last month and wish I had more people requesting films like that. But before we get into the look ahead, here is the weekly Spotify playlist for your listening pleasure.

The big series running through all of February will be 21st Century Scorsese. I have wanted to sit down and rewatch Martin Scorsese’s movies but didn’t want to commit to every single one. So, I figured his output from the 1970s through the 1990s would suffice. I definitely think he went in new directions in the 2000s and 2010s so I’d like to save those movies for later viewing. This means in February you will be seeing reviews for Mean Streets, Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, After Hours, The Color of Money, The Last Temptation of Christ, Goodfellas, Cape Fear, The Age of Innocence, Casino, Kundun, and Bringing Out the Dead. Most of these movies I’ve seen at least once before and a few (Alice, The Color of Money, The Age of Innocence, Kundun, and Bringing Out the Dead) will be first-time viewings.

As for movies outside of the Scorsese series, I don’t have a ton of gaps in the schedule but I do intend to review three pictures this month. The first will be Synonyms (2019), an Israeli-French production I saw the trailer for back then at the Belcourt Theater in Nashville a number of times. I’ve been meaning to watch this one for a while so better now than later. As far as new movies, I’ll be taking a look at Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar written by and starring Kristen Wiig & Annie Mumolo. These ladies were the writers behind Bridesmaids which is probably the last wide release comedy I’ve seen that I thought was actually funny. Not sure if this one will hit quite as good but I am hoping for something at least a bit fun. Finally, I’ll be watching and reviewing Willy’s Wonderland, the Nicholas Cage versus Five Night At Freddy’s movie. I don’t anticipate this will be good but at the bare minimum, we could get an entertainingly unhinged performance from Cage.

I’ll be doing another Best Of television review series, this time centered on Batman: The Animated Series. Normally I watch what is ranked as the ten best episodes of a series but for Batman: TAS I am rewatching the 25 best episodes. I’m five episodes in and I have to say I forgot how well animated this show was. These early episodes have some gorgeously fluid animation, really emphasizing the motion and kinetic energy of Batman. Expect to see capsule reviews of episodes like Two-Face, Heart of Ice, Robin’s Reckoning, The Laughing Fish, Almost Got ‘Im, and many more classics. Of course, weekly Wandavision reviews will be ongoing through February.

On the comic book side of things, February is going to be a packed month. I have three Superhero Spotlights planned for Green Arrow, Green Lantern (John Stewart), and Hawkman. Speaking of Hawkman, one of my reviews this month will be over the entirety of Robert Venditti’s recent Hawkman ongoing. I’d heard positive buzz about the series during its run so I’m looking forward to finding out if Venditti can make sense of the oh so complicated character. Reviews are forthcoming for The Flash by Geoff Johns Omnibus Volume 2, Wonder Woman by Greg Rucka Volume 1, and DC Generations Omnibus.

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