Movie Review – Baby Done

Baby Done (2020)
Written by Sophie Henderson
Directed by Curtis Vowell

Baby Done is a 2020 film of a young couple who work as arborists and plans to live their lives as much as possible. Zoe (Rose Matafeo) tries to hide from her boyfriend Tim (Matthew Lewis) that she’s pregnant, but he finds out either way.

My interest in this film was the knowledge that Taika Waiti had produced it. He’s putting his money where his mouth is when it comes to presentation with Matafeo being half-Maori and hiring regulars that have been in Taika Waiti’s movies such as Rachel House.

Zoe and Tim have been together for a while and have become relatively comfortable. They go to a baby shower of a mutual friend of theirs and their friend Molly (Emily Barclay). They lament all their friends are getting pregnant. “Marriage, baby, done.”

As the party is full of cutesy baby stuff, color schemes, and baby-themed games, they’re mourning their friend who will no longer be able to hang out. It’s a small death of sorts. All that focus of interest is concentrated on their child.

Zoe is hesitant about the change in their lives. She tries to convince Tim to list all the things they wish to do before the baby arrives. Tim is ready to nest, settle and hope that they have a safe pregnancy.

The movie swings from comedy to drama seamlessly. Rose Matafeo sells it as Zoe. She can be charming, hard to handle, and prickly. Matthew Lewis, who has more experience than she does, isn’t as good. He comes gentle and sweet, but there isn’t much depth to his character.

There’s a lack of development in the film. The majority of the film is about Zoe’s hesitation about becoming a parent. Not in being a bad one, being one at all. The touching moments are whenever Zoe cries, so does Tim, and the moment you realize it might over for them is when he doesn’t.

When they break up, the funniest part is when Zoe tries to hook up with Brian (Nic Sampson). It’s some of the best and awkward scenes that can conjure giggles out of people.

It’s a decent film, and I am hoping for more movies like this to be released. I’d love to see more BIPOC in films that aren’t just pain-centered features.


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