Weekly Wonderings – August 23rd, 2021

Just sort of resigned to give up on America and Americans at this point. I have noticed social media sentiments from people who always hovered in that centrist space, just wholly giving in to apathy. American media & power relies on the people losing their ability to imagine a different, better world, and they have certainly accomplished that. They’ve convinced people that a real revolution (not a Proud Boy hog LARP) is possible and that a thousand deaths a day from COVID and pediatric ICUs filling up is just the norm. So with our house being sold and waiting for the closing and everything else, I just have decided to withdraw myself from my usual social media spots. The weekly wonderings will be pretty much the only place I share my personal thoughts and ideas. Facebook is a worthless platform, so I suppose Twitter & Instagram will just be me promoting the blog until the world ends.

Here’s this week’s melancholic Spotify playlist.

A new episode of the podcast dropped where Ariana and I share our Top 5 Buddy Movies and talk about the newly released The Green Knight.

I’m curious why anyone thinks the American federal government should exist at this point. They have made it clear they are completely disinterested in keeping people healthy & alive. Vaccine rollout was botched by handing it off to the private sector, pretty much where anything beneficial to the public good goes to die. The feds could bring down the hammer on unruly governors and threaten cuts to funding with the promise they will frame it as the govs fault setting them up to be ruined in reelection. But all that would presuppose we had actual opposition parties rather than a fascist one (GOP) and a feckless one that simply defines itself as not the other party (Dems). The American government, society, culture, etc., is dead. It would never end in a fantastic spectacle like Roland Emmerich films; instead, we would pathetically shrivel away, clinging to broken ideology (hyper-individualism). America’s death was always going to be as pathetic as the lies we told ourselves to sleep at night.

I am excited to be in a place where my thoughts are not framed with this failed nation at the center. I am eager to hear perspectives outside of the U.S. about the world. I am exhausted from being inundated with corporate propaganda through every major media outlet. There is the clutching of pearls & gnashing of teeth over the utter debacle in Afghanistan but no cogent analysis/critique of America’s responsibility in creating the Taliban in the first place (Mujahideen, anyone?). They will never discuss the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan that formed in the 1970s and was lifting everyone, especially women, out of the archaic and into a modern socialist society. They will never explain how the United States pumped money into religious fanatics simply to undermine a people progressing into something better. This is all because “communism bad” just lays there across the table of American discourse like a rotting fish; we’re unable to escape the stench of vapid criticism of any economic system that isn’t centered around wanton greed.

I say let America have its feculent ideology. I cannot waste any more energy caring about people who, having access to vast quantities of knowledge, choose at every turn to numb themselves. I get the need to escape, but we Americans have turned it into something that rivals any drug addiction I’ve ever seen. We have forced ourselves into an entertainment-induced coma, desperately hoping we never wake up again. As a result, all reason & logic has fallen away, making room for a return to genuinely medieval thinking.

I read an article about Boomers volunteering in local restaurants that are understaffed because they can’t find workers so that they don’t go out of business. Think about that for a second; really let the insanity of that set in. These people would give up labor to a company directly profiting from it with no promise to give anything back then work to create mutual aid organizations in the community. I’ve said before, and I will repeat it, American media has absolutely mastered the art of corporate brainwashing, of convincing people to worship the managerial class. I genuinely think a regression into feudalism or slavery is entirely possible in America during my lifetime at this point. They have essentially rebranded those practices already (see prison labor, student loan debt, etc.).

I wish I could end this week’s wonderings with something more uplifting, but my god, America is truly fucked. So the only advice I can impart is, if you have the means, escape now. If you don’t have the finances, save as much & as quickly as you can and then get out. You do not want to be around when the next tier of hell begins in the United States.

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