April 2023 Posting Schedule

In November 2022, I was pleasantly surprised to see a massive spike in traffic on PopCult due to my review of Skinamarink, the cult horror film that had stirred up quite a buzz at the time. My total number of views that month was over 6,800, a site record. That was pretty cool and while the number dipped the following months it continued to stay in that range, dipping to 4,200 in February. Then March happened and wow! 

Thanks to my solo tabletop rpg review of Artefact and a lot of attention to other various reviews I broke that November record by about 150%. My total for March was over 10,500 views. My total for the first quarter of 2023 is over 21,000 views which is higher than my total for any individual year I’ve worked on this blog other than 2022. If this momentum continues I’m looking at something like 85,000 views for 2023, which would be over double my total for 2022.

Now, I realize I am still infinitesimally small compared to any similar “big” website, but for me I think that’s pretty cool. I don’t know how to get people to engage more with what I write, and being autistic I’m not sure I would enjoy a lot of direct engagement with readers. I certainly appreciate the likes and I have some people who do that pretty regularly. It’s always good to know that what you are making is appreciated by somebody. If only I could turn this into a living but also not have to work directly for someone somehow, ha! Onto April’s schedule. 

Film Series
Apr 3rd – 14, 24-28 – Introduction to the German New Wave
Aguirre the Wrath of God, The Bitter Tears of Petra Von Kant, Alice in the Cities, The American Friend, The Tin Drum, The Marriage of Maria Braun, Christiane F., Paris Texas, Fitzcarraldo

Apr 17th – 21st – The Short Films of Ari Aster

Comic Book Reviews
Apr 1 – Monkey Meat
Apr 8 – Superman: The Exile and Other Stories Omnibus
Apr 15 – Hawkworld
Apr 22 – Twilight
Apr 29 – Supergirl: The Woman of Tomorrow

Television Reviews
Apr 9 – Somebody Somewhere Season One
Apr 23 – Deadwood Season One
Apr 30 – The Last of Us Season One

My Favorite Lists
Apr 9 – My Favorite Mind-Twisting Film
Apr 22 – My Favorite Crying Scenes in Film

Solo Tabletop RPG Reviews
Apr 2 – Ironsworn Part 2
Apr 16 – Welcome to the Habitrails Part 1
Apr 23 – Welcome to the Habitrails Part 2

Podcast Schedule
Apr 2 – Welcome to the Dollhouse/La Haine
Apr 9 – Kicking and Screaming/Fallen Angels
Apr 16 – To Die For/Underground (1995)
Apr 23 – The Addiction/Memories
Apr 30 – Desperado/The Day of the Beast


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