About Me

“Movies are the most powerful empathy machine in all the arts. When I go to a great movie I can live somebody else’s life for a while. I can walk in somebody else’s shoes. I can see what it feels like to be a member of a different gender, a different race, a different economic class, to live in a different time, to have a different belief.” – Roger Ebert

I love stories, well-told and clever. Escapist media is fun, just like an amusement park ride, but if I go around too many times it gets boring. The stories that I treasure most have the richest themes, explore every aspect of humanity, and respect their audience’s intelligence. It’s such a fine balance between darkness & light that makes a good story. They should never obfuscate the truth of life but they can manipulate the facts around it, exploring fantasy worlds but speaking honestly about the human race.

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