The State of the Blog 2018

dougie jones

Reflections on growth of 2017

Fast & Furious July

  • The most painful achievement of the year was watching all eight (plus one) of the Fast & Furious franchise in a single month. If you want to relieve my pain you can you do so by clicking below.

Fast & Furious July


Twin Peaks: The Return coverage

  • I blogged about all 18 parts of David Lynch’s return to television, plus made sure to finish his filmography by filling those last few gaps. The most expansive coverage of anything I did in 2017 and will be returning to it in 2018.

Twin Peaks: The Return posts

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My Most Anticipated Television of 2018


baskets s3

Today we’ll wrap things up with a look at the television programs coming to our screen in 2018. Anthologies continue to grow in popularity and the caliber of creator and actor on the small screen is almost outshining cinema.

Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams (January 12th, Amazon)

It’s pretty obvious one of the key reasons Electric Dreams was developed was due to the success of Black Mirror. Though the two shows are not analogs, they both deal in the realm of speculative, human-centered science fiction. Electric Dreams looks to have some more overtly large scale science fiction one-offs as opposed to Black Mirror’s traditionally grounded approach. There are some talented names attached this project, but with any anthology there are bound to be some episodes that are better in quality than others. My hope is that we come away with at least a couple stories that have an impact and raise some interesting questions.

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My Most Anticipated Films of 2018 Part 2

Today, I finish up the look at my most anticipated films of the years, this time with the movies that are in production but with no release dates yet. Tomorrow, I will be looking at my most anticipated television programs of 2018. Let me know what films sound good to you and why.


Alien Nation (TBD) – Directed by Jeff Nichols

Alien Nation is probably remembered better for the Fox television series, and sadly I have never seen the 1988 feature film (will be remedying that this year). The premise is that an alien race in desperate need of a home assimilates into Los Angeles. The film follows a human cop and his new alien partner as they uncover a noir-ish conspiracy involving both their species. Jeff Nichols, the man behind great films like Take Shelter and Midnight Special, feels like he has the right muted realism to make something like this have a profound impact. In our current political climate, done right, Alien Nation could be a considerable achievement.

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My Most Anticipated Films of 2018 – Part 1


There are a lot of films announced for 2018 that have my attention, some more than others. The likelihood I will end up loving all these films is very low, but I’m sure some will live up to the hype. Today’s list is the movies who have official release dates or are debuting at Sundance this year. Tomorrow will be the films that are announced for 2018 but whose release is to be determined.

Eighth Grade (January 19th, Sundance) – Directed by Bo Burnham

I wouldn’t say I am a huge fan of comedian Bo Burnham but is a very unique voice in a field that can be very repetitive. His directorial debut is this film which was shot without much fanfare and has little talk surrounding it until the press release for Sundance. The movie is about a 13-year-old girl who develops a strong online persona dishing out advice via her YouTube channel while being paralyzed with fear in real life situations. The film sounds like a good mix of comedy and drama, looking forward to seeing Burnham’s first outing.

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