Breaking Down The New DC Promo

So DC Comics has released a promo image tied to their current Brightest Day theme running throughout their books. The images here gives clues and metaphorical images about where the various titles are heading in the next six months. Let’s break it down, shall we? (Click on the image to enlarge)

Starting on the top left corner we have Hawkman and Hawkwoman becoming part of a skeleton-made portal. From the portal are coming humanoid hawk creatures. If you’re reading the year long Brightest Day bi-weekly series then you recognize these creatures. The Hawks recently went through this portal and found a strange universe that’s terrorized by the ravenous things. From the looks of this image, it looks like these creatures will be filtering out into the greater DC Universe.

Next, we have Guy Gardner, the Guardian turned Green Lantern Ganthet, and the Red Lantern Atrocitus. While Guy and Ganthet are constructing some sort of structure with their rings, Atrocitus is raising a green coffin up. I can’t really think of a dead Green Lantern other than Abin Sur, who was transporting Atrocitus when his ship crashed on Earth and Hal Jordan was given his ring. Could Atrocitus be resurrecting Abin Sur?

We have Hal Jordan as the White Lantern, lying unconscious in a broken White Power Battery. His right arm is bloodied, and I believe the right hand is where he wears his ring. Thinking he becomes White Lantern but the ring is taken by force from him. Beside Hal, in the smoke is the face of The Anti-Monitor, the main villain behind 1985’s Crisis on Infinite Earths, the comic book event to begin all events. The Anti-Monitor was recently resurrected as a Black Lantern, despite wanting to stay dead. Deadman encountered the villain in recent issues of Brightest Day and found him alive and well in the Anti-Matter Universe.

Follow the smoke the Anti-Monitor is coming from, and you’ll see it is generated from the fire Martian Manhunter is starting. MM’s greatest weakeness is fire, so it is interesting that he is starting this fire. The first is also at the base of a tree marked with the symbol of the White Lantern (The Tree of Life?). Recently, a forest grew in an instant in the middle of Star City (analog for Seattle) when Deadman visited. Green Arrow has taken up residence in the forest (note the green arrows in the tree). So this forest will become tied to Martian Manhunter at some point who is possibly responsible for the Anti-Monitor’s return?

Below this we have a pile of boomerangs (Flash villain Captain Boomerang was one of those brought back from the dead at the end of Blackest Night) and what appears to be the broken staff of Blue Devil, an incredibly obscure character created in the early 1980s whose popped up from time to time, most recently as a member of Shadowpact, a collective of occult heroes and heroines. Standing above this is the newly announced Aqualad, and right behind him is a pair of ominous red eyes, which I believe belong to Aquaman villain Black Manta. Speaking of, Aquaman’s skeleton, clad in his Black Lantern uniform lies below Hal Jordan. Aquaman’s wife, Mera is rushing to his side. Below them is Deadman, carving out “RISE” on a tombstone. Since the end of Brightest Day, Deadman has been alive and when he touches the dead they come back to life.

Continuing clockwise, there’s a golden shield on the ground (Wonder Woman’s possibly) and two men trying to lift rocks off a buried figure. The two men are Jason Rusch and Ron Raymond, both have been the superhero Firestorm at some point and have found themselves bonded since Raymond’s return from the dead in Blackest Night. The buried figure is the Blackest Night version of Firestorm. Finally, we have Hawk and Dove, avatars of Chaos and Order respectively, holding Jade, daughter of the first Green Lantern. Both Hawk and Jade were brought back from the dead in Blackest Night, but they have not encountered each other since. Looks like they will be in the next year.