July 2020 Digest

My Favorite 1980s Summer Blockbusters
My Favorite 1990s Summer Blockbusters
My Favorite 2000s Summer Blockbusters
My Favorite 2010s Summer Blockbusters
A Brief History of the United States on Film
The Cinema of Misery
Short Film Showcase #5
My Favorite Film & Television Dystopias
My Favorite Unsettling Movies
Game Review – Villagers
Black Actor Spotlight: July
Supervillain Spotlight: Maxwell Lord
Supervillain Spotlight: The Cheetah

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June 2020 Digest

Black Lives Matter: A Selection of Films
Short Film Showcase 2020 #3
Black Books Matter
Short Film Showcase 2020 #4
A Hypothetical Birthday Film Festival
My Favorite LGBTQ Films
Black Actor Spotlight: June
My Favorite Movies of 1995
Board Game Review – The X-Files
Book Update (May-June)
State of the Blog for July – December 2020

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December 2019 Digest

Short Film Showcase #7
Short Film Showcase Christmas 2019 Special
Favorite Music of 2019
Book Update – November/December
Favorite Books of 2019
Most Anticipated Films of 2019 – A Look Back

[Best of the Decade]
My Favorite Television of the 2010s Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
Best of the 2010s – YouTubers
My Favorite Comics of the 2010s Part 1, Part 2
My Favorite Films of 2010
My Favorite Films of 2011
My Favorite Films of 2012
My Favorite Films of 2013
My Favorite Films of 2014
My Favorite Films of 2015
My Favorite Films of 2016
My Favorite Films of 2017
My Favorite Films of 2018
My Favorite Films of 2019

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