Spring 2023 Digest

[Patron Pick] – Parenthood (Bekah)
[Patron Pick] – The Spongebob Squarepants Movie (Matt)
[Patron Pick] – Where the Crawdads Sing [Bekah]
[Patron Pick] – Memories of Murder [Matt]
Book Update – March/April
My Favorite Single-Scene Performances
My Favorite Spring Films
My Favorite Mind-Bending Films
My Favorite Crying Scenes

Podcast Episodes
The House/Safe
Quadrophenia/Velvet Goldmine
Ali: Fear Eats the Soul/Far From Heaven
Welcome to the Dollhouse/La Haine
Kicking and Screaming/Fallen Angels
To Die For/Underground (1995)
The Addiction/Memories
Desperado/The Day of the Beast

Movie Reviews
The Outwaters
The Five Devils
The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Beau Is Afraid ***

[Comedy Masterworks]
It Happened One Night
Bringing Up Baby ***
Kind Hearts & Coronets
A Shot in the Dark
The Graduate ***
The Out-of-Towners ***
Young Frankenstein ***
Monty Python’s The Life of Brian
A Fish Called Wanda ***
Withnail & I ***
Midnight Run
Waiting for Guffman ***
The Big Lebowski ***

[The German New Wave]
Aguirre, The Wrath of God ***
The Bitter Tears of Petra Von Kant ***
Alice in the Cities ***
The American Friend ***
The Marriage of Maria Braun ***
The Tin Drum
Christiane F.
Paris, Texas ***

The Short Films of Ari Aster Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Comic Book Reviews
Aquaman: Andromeda
The Department of Truth: The Complete Conspiracy Book One ***
Shazam! The World’s Mightiest Mortal Volume One
The Nice House on the Lake
Monkey Meat
Superman: The Exile and Other Stories ***
Hawkworld ***
Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow

TV Reviews
The Best of Star Trek Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
Somebody, Somewhere Season One
Deadwood Season One ***
The Last of Us Season One

Solo TTRPG Reviews
Artefact ***
Ironsworn Part 1, Part 2 ***
Welcome to the Habitrails ***

Looking at Art
The Bewitched Man – Francisco Goya

November/December 2022 Digest

Most Anticipated Movies of 2022 Review
Seth’s Favorite Books Read in 2022
Ariana’s Favorite Books Read in 2022
Ariana’s Favorite Comics Read in 2022
Seth’s Favorite Comics Read in 2022
Seth’s Favorite Television of 2022
Ariana’s Favorite Television of 2022
Seth’s Favorite Film Discoveries of 2022
Seth’s Favorite Films of 2022
Ariana’s Favorite Films of 2022
Patron Pick – Sweet Smell of Success [Matt]
Patron Pick – One True Thing [Bekah]
Patron Pick – Before Sunrise [Matt]
Patron Pick – Slumberland [Bekah]

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November/December 2021 Digest

Patron Pick – The Game (Matt)
Patron Pick – The World of Us (Matt)
Most Anticipated Films of 2021 Review
Ariana’s Favorite Films of 2021
Seth’s Favorite Films of 2021
Ariana’s Favorite Books Read in 2021
Seth’s Favorite Books Read in 2021
Seth’s Favorite Television of 2021
Favorite Film Discoveries of 2021

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