Patron Pick – Limitless

This is a special reward available to Patreon patrons who pledge at the $10 or $20 a month levels. Each month those patrons will get to pick a film for me to review. They also get to include some of their own thoughts about the movie, if they choose. This Pick comes from Matt Harris.

Limitless (2011)
Written by Leslie Dixon
Directed by Neil Burger

If you could take a pill that would make you a super smart guy, would you do it? This month’s patron pick was explicitly chosen to irritate me, and I love it for that. Would I have ever voluntarily chosen to watch Limitless? Hell no. Am I looking forward to writing this review? Of course, I am! This film is what a stupid person thinks an intelligent person is like. It’s Michael Bay’s concept of what a genius would be. The people that fawn over Elon Musk and think he’s a god among men while ignoring that he’s the child of privilege probably rank this picture as one of their favorites. It is absolutely hilarious in how much it gets wrong and in its perception of succeeding is. 

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Patreon Update – September Blog Stats


Views and Visitors

Growth in views from August to September was 33% (August: 249, September: 369)

Growth in visitors from August to September was 20% (August: 207, September: 260)


29% of views came from Google Plus

34% of views came from Google searches

4% of views from from Facebook



The top five most visited articles for September were:

  1. Masks Actual Play: Junior Elite #2 – 57 views
  2. Masks Actual Play: Junior Elite #0 & 1 – 32 views
  3. Comic Book Review: The Vision Vol.1: A Little Worse Than Man – 20 views **
  4. Comic Book Review: Omega Men by Tom King – 18 views **
  5. Movie Review – A Tale of Tales – 16 views


** denotes post was published in previous months, though the views came exclusively from September.



My Masks actual plays are by far the most popular thing posted in September, but isn’t too big of a surprise based on my knowledge of my core audience. This has caused me to look closely at some future games I’d like to run with actual play posting in mind (i.e. would they be fun to read, would I be able to write them in a way that would be fun to read). I definitely Masks is going to be my major go to game for the foreseeable future, but am also looking at running Lovecraftesque and doing more Games for Two reviews with more detailed play reports.


Tom King comics appear to have a very long lasting popularity as evidenced by The Vision and Omega Men continuing to be mainstays in the top 5. A review of his first volume of Batman is coming in January. Based on what I’ve read about sales number for DC Comics since the launch of their Rebirth direction, there is increased interest in those titles. My own interests are also pulling me towards a large number of quality looking Image comics titles and I plan on devoting some time and posts to review a series of collected volume Ones of these.


Two films jumped to the top of the charts this month, A Tale of Tales and I Am Not a Serial Killer. I think they garnered so many views because they are both current and not mainstream cinema. I will still be posting reviews of films like Ghostbusters and Star Trek Beyond when they become available, but will actively look for interesting non-mainstream cinema that plays with genre expectations.



Views will definitely make a jump in October due to an increased posting schedule. I have found a balance with work and home with some detailed scheduling so I think posting is stabilizing. In November, I have planned to delve deep into Gene Wilder’s films. I have some election related posts, and depending on the outcome, have a list of post-apocalyptic films ready to go. December will have a Xavier Dolan post series and I strongly hope this gets good views because he’s a filmmaker I’m incredibly excited about. Patreon pledges have increased with two new donors coming on board in September.


Patreon Update – August Blog Stats


Views and Visitors

Growth in views from July to August was -65% (July: 716, August: 249)

Growth in visitors from July to August was -55% (July: 464, August: 207)

16% of views came from Google Plus

41% of views came from Google searches

6% of views from Facebook


The top five most visited articles for August were:

  1. Comic Book Review – Omega Men by Tom King – 25 views**
  2. The Childhood of a Leader (2016, dir. Brady Corbet) – 19 views
  3. Games for Two – Lost in R’lyeh & Sushi Go – 15 views*
    Comic Book Review: The Vision Vol.1: A Little Worse Than Man – 15 views**
  4. Great Books You Should Read #1 – 12 views

** denotes post was published in previous months, though the views came exclusively from August.

Due to a much-diminished posting schedule for August, I saw inevitable drops across the board. I posted less new content, so search engine hits became the core of my views for the month. As a result, my most viewed posts were more of my older content. It does appear that Tom King was increasing in interest, probably due to his current run on Batman and the release of a few trades at the end of July. Not on the top five for August, but prominent when I look at my statistics for the year is my Origins article on Bluebeard’s Bride. August marked the 100th view of that particular article since it went up in late June. To me, that is a sign of high interest in the unreleased roleplaying game.

Posting will increase by a bit in September. One of my series for this month will be a Gene Wilder/Richard Pryor retrospective that I suspect will get decent views due to Wilder’s recent passing. I don’t expect to see numbers like June and July’s til next summer if I decide to post with that frequency. In October there will be an increased number of posts for Halloween, and I believe the numbers I generate that month will be more reflective of what will be the mean views.

Patreon Update – July Blog Stats

patreon_logoViews and Visitors

Growth in views from June to July was 17% (June: 592, July: 716)

Growth in visitors from June to July was 8% (June: 426, July: 464)

55% of views came from Google Plus

29% of views came from Google searches

23% of views from Facebook



The top five most visited articles for July were:

  1. Games for Two: Lost in R’lyeh & Sushi Go! – 52 views** (64 views total)
  2. Just People – 45 views
  3. Batman: The Killing Joke – 36 views
  4. On the Soul of Arya Stark – 30 views
  5. Rolling Dice and Shaping Minds Part 1 – 26 views

** denotes post was published in June, though the views came exclusively from July.


Beyond the top five posts, there were many more posts with views in the high to mid-20s. There was definitely carry over from the previous month’s posts. In addition, posting on topics that were very relevant in July (Batman: The Killing Joke, Stranger Things, Swiss Army Man, etc.) generated interest. In the top five were three posts that didn’t focus on a single property but were more personal and about the synthesis of ideas (Just People, On the Soul of Arya Stark, Rolling Dice, etc.).

For August, I will be decreasing the frequency of posts. With the school year back in session I wake up around 5:30 and don’t return home until around 3:30. Writing on posts will be limited during the weekend and have to be concentrated due to that small window of time. As seasonal breaks roll around, temporary increases in frequency may occur, but posting will become a more scheduled, focused endeavor. This means in August’s report I expect to see a significant drop due to less content being published. I would think the numbers in August will begin to show what my normal view rates will look like from now until December.

After looking at the data from June and July, I have planned to highlight content that will be current and relevant. There will also be a slight bump in more personal holistic posts, but still direction based on what personally interests me rather than viewing data as a focus group.


About my Patreon


You might have noticed in the last week the additional links at the top of the page: Support this Blog on Patreon and Beloved Patrons.

After doing some reading online about crowdfunding and blogging I decided to take the plunge. My goal in this is definitely not to “get rich blogging”. I’m under no delusion that I’m building any sort of internet empire. My main goal is to grow a community and connect with other fans of popular media and especially film. My secondary goal is work to get enough monthly donations via Patreon to be able to have movie giveaways and possibly other prizes.

I know through personal experience that employment and income are not a sure thing these days. If you decide to give even a $1 of your own money, know how grateful I am for your contribution. The fact you would even given me that much for the work on my blog stuns me. I will continue to produce content regardless of the donations I receive, probably scaling back when the school year starts.

Have a great day!