Shadows in the Cave Digest #02 – February 2010


Robert Altman: Chorus of Voices: 1970-74, 1975-1979, 1980s/1990-92, 1993-2006
The Alien Quadrilogy: The Evolution of Ellen Ripley Part One, Part Two
Director in Focus: John SaylesMatewan, Men With Guns

Hypothetical Film Festivals
Coming next month: Cinematic Television, The Burton/Depp Collaborations, and much more
Programming note: I’ll be assigning themes to days of the week starting in March for what sort of film I will watch. It will be as follows:
DocuMondays (documentaries)
Wild Card Tuesdays (whatever suits my tastes)
Newbie Wednesday (new films in theaters or on DVD)
Jolly Good Thursdays (British cinema)
Friday Imports (foreign language cinema)
Seventies Saturdays (1970s American cinema)
Maybe Sundays (I reserve the right to either take a day off from the blog or watch a random flick and post)

2 thoughts on “Shadows in the Cave Digest #02 – February 2010”

  1. You'll be happy to know the first film for Jolly Good Thursdays is the 1966 live action adaptation of Alice in Wonderland, supposedly very trippy and psychedelic yet still faithful to the novel.

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