Shadows in the Cave Digest #05 – May 2010

Asian Cinema Month
Eat Drink Man Woman – China
In the Mood For Love – Hong Kong
Thirst – South Korea
Yi Yi – China
Ponyo – Japan
Hard Boiled – Hong Kong
My Neighbor Totoro – Japan

Summer Blockbusters
1975-1985 – Sharks and Droids
1986-1995 – Dinosaurs and Robots
1996-2009 – Superheroes and Sequels

Director in Focus – Brian De Palma
Blow Out
Body Double
The Untouchables

Hypothetical Film Festivals
Best Horror Remakes Evrrrrrrrrr!
Happy Birthday Ariana 2010!

Tales from the Script
The Weather Underground
Koko: A Talking Gorilla

Newbie Wednesday
Harry Brown
Iron Man 2

Jolly Good Thursdays
Nil By Mouth
I Capture the Castle

Next Month:
Hypothetical Film Festivals takes a vacation
My 40 Favorite Movie Scenes
Criterion Fridays


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