About my Patreon


You might have noticed in the last week the additional links at the top of the page: Support this Blog on Patreon and Beloved Patrons.

After doing some reading online about crowdfunding and blogging I decided to take the plunge. My goal in this is definitely not to “get rich blogging”. I’m under no delusion that I’m building any sort of internet empire. My main goal is to grow a community and connect with other fans of popular media and especially film. My secondary goal is work to get enough monthly donations via Patreon to be able to have movie giveaways and possibly other prizes.

I know through personal experience that employment and income are not a sure thing these days. If you decide to give even a $1 of your own money, know how grateful I am for your contribution. The fact you would even given me that much for the work on my blog stuns me. I will continue to produce content regardless of the donations I receive, probably scaling back when the school year starts.

Have a great day!


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