Patreon Update – July Blog Stats

patreon_logoViews and Visitors

Growth in views from June to July was 17% (June: 592, July: 716)

Growth in visitors from June to July was 8% (June: 426, July: 464)

55% of views came from Google Plus

29% of views came from Google searches

23% of views from Facebook



The top five most visited articles for July were:

  1. Games for Two: Lost in R’lyeh & Sushi Go! – 52 views** (64 views total)
  2. Just People – 45 views
  3. Batman: The Killing Joke – 36 views
  4. On the Soul of Arya Stark – 30 views
  5. Rolling Dice and Shaping Minds Part 1 – 26 views

** denotes post was published in June, though the views came exclusively from July.


Beyond the top five posts, there were many more posts with views in the high to mid-20s. There was definitely carry over from the previous month’s posts. In addition, posting on topics that were very relevant in July (Batman: The Killing Joke, Stranger Things, Swiss Army Man, etc.) generated interest. In the top five were three posts that didn’t focus on a single property but were more personal and about the synthesis of ideas (Just People, On the Soul of Arya Stark, Rolling Dice, etc.).

For August, I will be decreasing the frequency of posts. With the school year back in session I wake up around 5:30 and don’t return home until around 3:30. Writing on posts will be limited during the weekend and have to be concentrated due to that small window of time. As seasonal breaks roll around, temporary increases in frequency may occur, but posting will become a more scheduled, focused endeavor. This means in August’s report I expect to see a significant drop due to less content being published. I would think the numbers in August will begin to show what my normal view rates will look like from now until December.

After looking at the data from June and July, I have planned to highlight content that will be current and relevant. There will also be a slight bump in more personal holistic posts, but still direction based on what personally interests me rather than viewing data as a focus group.


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