(Some of) My Favorite Moments from Twin Peaks


It is impossible for me to rank or list every moment that has had an impact on my creative mind, so here are some of my favorites that I think of often.

Jenny and Jenny Down By The River –

The second episode of the series opens with a reunion between Ben and Jerry Horne in the middle of dinner and ends with them cramming brie and butter baguettes into their mouths while reminiscing about a youthful encounter with young women. A very key moment in introducing the audience to the tone of the series.

A Vision of Light –

Bobby Briggs enters the Double R Diner, worried about Shelly who is in the hospital. He finds his father, Major Garland Briggs already there. The Major goes on to detail a dream he had about Bobby in a moment that exemplifies the deep humanity that Twin Peaks could invoke.

Bob Comes Over the Couch

While Twin Peaks could be a warm and funny show, many of us remember it for the moments of sheer horror. Anytime Bob was on screen was a moment to cover your eyes. Here, Madeline has a terrifying vision, foreshadowing what is to come episodes later.

There Was a Fish in the Percolator!

Cooper and Truman visit the Packard-Martells to question them about when they last saw Laura Palmer. Poor Pete has to rush in and take their coffee due to the misplacement of his fresh catch. Twin Peaks could be so unexpectedly odd and charming.

The Dream of the Little Man

Iconic. For me, this is the scene that cements Twin Peaks as one of the most original pieces of art to have been aired on television.

Albert Loves You, Sheriff Truman

FBI forensics specialist Albert Rosenfeld was an abrasive figure from the first scene he shows up in. Here, Truman finally has enough and confronts him. And we learn about how unexpectedly complex Lynch and company want their characters to be.

Major Briggs and The Log Lady

Two of my favorite characters in the series have a very interesting moment at the Double R Diner

A Front Three-Quarter View of Two Adults Sharing a Tender Moment

Gordon Cole was always interesting to see when he came to visit Twin Peaks. He developed a relationship with waitress Shelly Johnson and is my favorite moment between the two.

It Is Happening Again/The World Spins

Agent Cooper receives a message from the Giant about Laura Palmer’s killer while at the Roadhouse. Juxtaposed with this are Donna, James, and Bobby who all seem to be profoundly affected by the singer’s song and some knowledge they have about the loss that has just happened.

Cooper’s Dark Odyssey Into The Black Lodge –

Dale Cooper’s journey into the Black Lodge at the season 2 finale is some of the most harrowing, surreal television ever aired. The whole episode is fantastic, but this video has some great highlights.


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