Twin Peaks: The Return – Expectations and Predictions



The show will look different

Once upon a time, David Lynch was a director hesitant and questioning of digital filmmaking. Throughout the early 2000s though he changed his tune experimenting with short pieces on his website and making music videos. With Inland Empire in 2006, he produced his first completely digital feature and hasn’t looked back since. Thus, Twin Peaks is going to look strange at first. I have no doubt it will be beautiful, in both traditional and grotesque ways, but it isn’t going to have the look of original series which was shot on video like most shows of its day. Characters are older, and the high definition images aren’t going to hide that either. From the bits and pieces, we have seen I am personally excited to explore the new aesthetics but know that it will take a little mental adjustment.

The show will not start where we expect it

I have my suspicions if we will begin the series in Twin Peaks. I can’t imagine Cooper still being there after the events of the original finale. Expect us to find Cooper somewhere far away and the fallout of his experience to be very apparent. I don’t think they will tease us too long with a return to the town, but I am interested to find out what the inciting incident will be. After all this time, what would possess Cooper to go back? (No pun intended).

Fire Walk With Me will prove to be vital to understanding this season
At the time of its release Fire Walk With Me was panned by critics and fans alike. It’s too densely incorporated into the mythos of the television show to watch as a stand alone work, and it casts off the quirky charm of the series in favor of delving into some truly dark realms. Since that initial release, the film has seen a sort of re-evaluation and is now regarded as an essential component to the entire story. I personally feel it is the best piece of the whole Twin Peaks saga to date and is must viewing to prepare for the return. Sheryl Lee is set to reprise her role of Laura, albeit somehow aged 25 years? The journey Laura takes in FWWM is harrowing and one of the most moving experiences I’ve had with a film. The motifs and themes Lynch weaves throughout the movie are like a Rosetta Stone to interpret what is to come.

The old cast members will not all be prominent players in this story
I can’t wait to see Lucy, Andy, Hawk, and everyone else. But from a story structure and creative point of view, I believe they will not be prominent figures in the main storyline. There are over 200 cast members, and some new faces will likely be the ones we orbit around. My expectation is that certain characters might have a scene or two just as a way to touch on their lives now. If I had to bet which old characters will be prominent in the return, I would say, Bobby, Shelly, the police department, and The Log Lady. Everyone else is unclear to me.

New cast members will be very prominent & The World should feel updated

A quarter of a century has passed, and Twin Peaks should have a whole new generation of adults playing leading roles. Lucy and Andy’s son should be featured as well the children who were yet to be born of Shelly/Bobby, Donna, James, etc. There should be other mid-20s and high school age characters from families we hadn’t yet met or have moved to Twin Peaks. I also hope the absence of the Packard Mill should be addressed (though Piper Laurie will not be returning as Catherine Packard). I want to know what industry is keeping Twin Peaks on its legs. Has Benjamin Horne expanded his operations, or is there some new smaller businesses? How has the Internet affected the way life goes in Twin Peaks?

Almost everything will be up to interpretation

The show will not have a concise ending that ties up all the loose ends and it shouldn’t. Lynch as a creator is not interested in tight plotting. He is a painter by nature, and so his work focuses on tone and atmosphere. Twin Peaks is more a feeling than a specific storyline. The entire Red Room are Lynch’s ideas boiled down to a collection of images. I have confidence we will never fully understand what it is that haunts the woods of Twin Peaks and that is a great thing. I enjoyed the fact that Lost put character over plot in its final season and I know Twin Peaks will do the same. If the series provided complete conclusions to all its plots, then there will be little reason to reexamine this new content for the next 25 years. I personally don’t want a satisfying plot, I want a plot that is fun to contemplate and theorize over.

Beloved characters will have died between seasons & We will see some die on screen
Some actors have simply passed away in the year between. Don Davis (Major Briggs), Jack Nance (Pete Martell), and Frank Silva (Bob) are the most notable to not be in the new episodes. I suspect Frank Silva’s death will have the most impact and should be recast. Jack Nance ended the series in a scene that provides a good reason for his character to be deceased. Don Davis’ Briggs was a vital role in the second season, but if you have read the Secret History of Twin Peaks you got a hint about what has happened to him.

On the side of actors still living but not included in season 3 there is Lara Flynn Boyle (Donna), Michael Ontkean (Sheriff Truman), Piper Laurie (Catherine Martell), Michael Anderson (The Man From Another Place), Eric Da Re (Leo Johnson), and Heather Graham (Annie). I expect some of these characters to have died or even been killed off by Bob off screen. And I fully expect some of the characters who are returning to meet deadly fates.

This season will have a definitive ending and Lynch won’t come back to it again

This is Lynch’s opportunity to conclude the story of Twin Peaks on his own terms. I also suspect from reading interviews with him in the lead-up, that this could be his final long form work. Twin Peaks will likely be the culmination of all his major themes and visual cues. It is rare we get a filmmaker’s intentional send-off, and this is why Twin Peaks will be very unique. I know for sure it will piss a lot of people off, even people who love Lynch. But it wouldn’t be a David Lynch work if it didn’t evoke even those adverse reactions. Will Lynch still create? Hell, yes, it’s so hardwired into his DNA I fully expect he’ll be filming and painting on his deathbed. But this final run at Twin Peaks is likely his last large creative piece.


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