Twin Peaks: The Return – Episode 16 Breakdown, Thoughts, and Analysis

Part 16
Written by Mark Frost & David Lynch
Directed by David Lynch

audrey dance

Doppelganger Cooper and Richard Horne arrive at one set of coordinates, a spot in the hills of Western Washington. Doop explains to Richard that three people have given him coordinates, only two people matched. Richard says they should check out the two that match. Doop hands him a device and explains he will need to climb on a rock atop a nearby hill and follow the growing beeps on the instrument. Meanwhile, Jerry Horne crests another hill yards away, but not close enough to distinguish who these people are. Richard follows the sound and ends up being incinerated by an electrical trap laid by individuals out to stop Doop. Reacting coldly to the death, Doop confirms Richard was indeed his son. Before leaving he texts Diane a message that reads only “=) all.”

In Las Vegas, Chantal and Hutch park their van across the street of the Jones house to stake out. The Vegas FBI arrives confounding the couple. The feds find no one is home and head off to check Lucky 7 Insurance.

At the hospital in Vegas, Cooper lies in a coma. Janey-E and Sonny Jim sit beside him in vigil. Bushnell Mullins shows up to check on Dougie. Soon after, the Mitchum Brothers and their trio of ladies arrive bearing flowers and finger sandwiches. They get the key to the house and tell Janey they will take care of the groceries.

A brief aside in Buckhorn, South Dakota shows Gordon standing amongst the whirring and beeping machines in the makeshift FBI office. He appears to be listening to something we cannot hear.

Back at the hospital, Janey-E and Sonny Jim go to use the bathroom. Mullins gets a phone call from Phil Bisby who says the FBI is there looking for Dougie. He exits the room.

On Lancelot Court, the Mitchums arrive with the groceries further confusing Chantal and Hutch. The FBI is also now staking out the Jones house. A neighbor shows up and demands Chantal and Hutch stop blocking his driveway. They argue with him, and he tries to push their van with his own, this devolves into a gunfight, and Doop’s dangerous duo is gunned down and killed. The FBI disarm the neighbor.

Finally, he wakes up! This is FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper in his full glory. The One-Armed Man appears to him and catches Cooper up on the current situation. He passes the Owl Ring between worlds, and it is implied this will be used to send Doop back into the Black Lodge forever. Cooper also inquires about the golden seed used to construct Dougie. He gives the One Armed Man a lock of hair, and it is implied he wants a new Dougie formed, without the flaws of Doop. Cooper finally sees his family and Mullins who are shocked at his quick recovery. A doctor confirms that he is healthy enough to be discharged. He takes off with Janey-E and Sonny Jim for the Silver Mustang, calling the Mitchums and asking them to gas up their plane for a trip to Spokane, Washington.

In Buckhorn, Diane receives the text Doop sent her, and it triggers a violent and emotional reaction, hinting that she has some programming inside her. She sends Doop the coordinates from Ruth Davenport’s arm and checks a gun in her bag. Diane heads up to the FBI office, but Gordon invites her in before seeing her.

She takes a seat and begins to talk about the night Doop came to her home. The encounter eventually led to the emergence of Bob and Diane’s rape. She describes being taken to The Dutchman’s but then expresses a sense of identity displacement, much like Audrey has. Diane speaks about being in “the sheriff’s station” before pulling her gun and being shot and killed by Rosenfeld and Preston.

She is spirited away to the Red Room where the One-Armed Man informs her that she is a tulpa. Diane dissolves like Dougie, leaving behind a similar golden seed.

At the Silver Mustang, Cooper says goodbye to Janey-E and Sonny Jim, and she figures out he has never been Dougie. He assures them they will have Dougie again. This scene did a lot of juxtaposing itself against Doop’s callous reaction to Richard’s death. While they are both Cooper, they are two very different men in their moral cores.

On the way to the airfield, the Mitchums recap what Cooper has told them off screen about who he really is. He tells them they will be welcomed in Twin Peaks. I predict the Mitchums will end up loving Twin Peaks and hint at opening a casino there. I definitely expect there to be a meeting with the Horne brothers.

We move to The Roadhouse where Eddie Vedder performs “Out of Sand” with lyrics that seem to be a direct commentary on things that have happened and things to come. Audrey and her husband Charlie arrive during the performance and sit at the bar.

The crowd clears after Vedder’s performance leaving the floor wide open. The MC announces Audrey’s Dance and the music from her Season 1 performance in the Double R is compelled. She appears forced to repeat the scene. It comes to an end when a man yells at another for touching his wife. Audrey snaps out of her trance and runs to Charlie shouting “Get me out of here.” An electric crackle sounds. Audrey stands, sans makeup and hair down, close to a mirror, in a white space that is obscured. She reacts with shock.

One more to go…

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