PopCult June 2019 Digest

Best of the 2010s: My Favorite Films of 2013
Best Pillar of Light Movies
The X-Men Films: Ranked
My Favorite Bill Murray Movies
Birthday Cinema: A Movie For Every Year I’ve Been Alive
Book Update 2019 (April-June)

Movie Reviews (*** = PopCult Recommends)
The Revenant ***
‘71 ***
Mr. Turner ***
Pokemon Detective Pikachu
Phoenix ***
Dark Phoenix
Son of Saul ***
Ixcanul ***
Edge of Tomorrow
The Embrace of the Serpent ***
Certain Woman
Things To Come ***
Aquarius ***
My Life as a Zucchini ***
Jackie ***
Love & Friendship ***
Personal Shopper
Black Hollow Cage
The Love Witch
Paterson ***
Silence ***
Under the Shadow

TV Reviews
Dark Season 2
Black Mirror Season 5
TV Tryouts – Doom Patrol
TV Tryouts – Summer Camp Island & Hilda

Music Reviews
Primal Heart|Kimbra

Comic Book Reviews
Identity Crisis
The OMAC Project
Day of Vengeance
The Rann-Thanagar War
Infinite Crisis
The Flash by Mark Waid Volume 6

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