Even More Anticipated Movies in 2020

So there were a few more movies coming in 2020 that are worth mentioning. Extremely excited for these.

Annette (TBA, directed by Leos Carax)
Leos Carax gave us the remarkable Holy Motors in the last decade. He looks to kick off this one with a musical starring Adam Driver and Marion Cotillard. Plus, this will be Carax English-language debut. Driver plays a stand-up comedian married to a world-famous opera singer, plated by Cotillard. They give birth to a daughter who has some unique ability. My guess is that it will have something to do with her voice?

C’mon, C’mon (TBA, directed by Mike Mills)
Mike Mills, who has given us some great films like 20th Century Women and directed a host of music videos in the 1990s, has a movie in the works. Joaquin Phoenix is cast in the lead. The story focuses on a documentary filmmaker working on a project about gifted children. This leads to him bonding with his 9-year-old nephew and dealing with his brother, the boy’s father, who has bipolar disorder.

The Eyes of Tammy Faye (TBA, directed by Michael Showalter)
Michael Showalter will forever be associated with The State, Stella, and Wet Hot American Summer for me. But he did direct The Big Sick, which was a pretty good comedy-drama. This time around, he’s making a biographical film about Jim and Tammy Faye Baker, the notorious television evangelists. Jessica Chastain will play Tammy Faye alongside Andrew Garfield as Jim. I have high hopes for this picture.

Nomadland (TBA, directed by Chloe Zhao)
I adored Chloe Zhao’s The Rider, it was a gorgeous realistic portrayal of life in a desolate corner of the United States. She has a much more notable cast this time around, Frances McDormand and David Strathairn. The film is based on the non-fiction book Nomadland: Surviving America in the Twenty-First Century. It explores the subculture of older laborers forced to travel seasonally to find work and stay above water. Zhao should deliver a devastating portrait of these forgotten people.

On the Rocks (TBA, directed by Sofia Coppola)
Sofia Coppola has been a fairweather filmmaker for me in the last decade. I didn’t really enjoy Somewhere, and The Bling Ring and The Beguiled were okay. Yet, she is still a director I will also line up for because she manages to do exciting things. This film stars Rashida Jones as a woman trying to reconnect with her father (Bill Murray), who she was always distant from. It sounds like a sequel to Somewhere just from the premise. The last time Coppola worked with Murray, she gave us the astounding Lost in Translation, so I have hope.

Let Them All Talk (TBA, directed by Steven Soderbergh)
Soderbergh has some insane turnaround on films knocking out multiple pictures a year. They don’t always land, but each film has something very fascinating and worthy of your time. Despite the reviews, I enjoyed Unsane from 2018 and absolutely loved Logan Lucky. This movie has a simple premise: an older author goes on a road trip with her friends and nephew and comes to terms with her past. The author is Meryl Streep, with her friends being played by Candice Bergen & Dianne Wiest. Lucas Hedges is the nephew.

Rebecca (TBA, directed by Ben Wheatley)
Ben Wheatley has a second film scheduled for 2020, an adaptation of the Daphne Du Maurier novel Rebecca. The book was most famously adapted before by Alfred Hitchcock. Lily James plays the new Mrs. de Winter, who comes to learn that her husband has a former wife, the titular Rebecca. This woman’s shadow hangs over the estate, and the housekeeper who is still obsessed with the former wife has ill intentions toward the new bride.

The Souvenir Part II (TBA, directed by Joanna Hogg)
Joanna Hogg’s first Souvenir film was a revelation, a funny & heartbreaking exploration of a young woman’s first romance with an older junkie. This will be a continuation of the story of Julie, the young filmmaker. Tilda Swinton returns to play the mother, but not a lot of plot details have come out. Richard Ayoade (The IT Crowd) is also cast in a supporting role.

Three Thousand Years of Longing (TBA, dir. George Miller)
George Miller’s last film outing was Mad Max: Fury Road, but when you look at the director’s body of work, you find an extremely eclectic list. He’s stated this movie will be unlike anything he’s directed before, and that’s about all we know. Idris Elba and Tilda Swinton are set to star, and the buzz is this will be an epic Australian movie. I have confidence in Miller’s ambition that no matter the final product, it will be a piece of cinema, unlike anything else in the film landscape.

Untitled Lou Reed/Velvet Underground Project (TBA, directed by Todd Haynes)
I fell in love with Todd Haynes Velvet Goldmine when I first saw it in college, and it remains my favorite of his films. Now Haynes will be making a documentary on Lou Reed & The Velvet Underground. This will be his first documentary, and it’s on a topic that Haynes is deeply passionate about. I’ll be interested to see what twists he puts on the doc genre and hope he finds a way to present the story unexpectedly.

Untitled Paul Thomas Anderson Picture (TBA, directed by Paul Thomas Anderson)
This will be a return to PT Anderson’s roots, the San Fernando Valley. This has been the setting for Boogie Nights, Magnolia, and Punch-Drunk Love, so that bodes well for the film. All we know of the premise is that it’s about a high school student who is also a famous child star. I am always there for Anderson, who directed my favorite film of the 2010s, The Master.

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