July 2020 Digest

My Favorite 1980s Summer Blockbusters
My Favorite 1990s Summer Blockbusters
My Favorite 2000s Summer Blockbusters
My Favorite 2010s Summer Blockbusters
A Brief History of the United States on Film
The Cinema of Misery
Short Film Showcase #5
My Favorite Film & Television Dystopias
My Favorite Unsettling Movies
Game Review – Villagers
Black Actor Spotlight: July
Supervillain Spotlight: Maxwell Lord
Supervillain Spotlight: The Cheetah

Movie Reviews (*** = PopCult Reviews)
Palm Springs
In the Bedroom ***
Little Children ***
First Cow ***

Killer’s Kiss
The Killing
Paths of Glory ***
Dr. Strangelove ***
2001: A Space Odyssey ***
A Clockwork Orange ***
Barry Lyndon ***
The Shining ***
Full Metal Jacket ***
Eyes Wide Shut ***

[Visions of the South]
The Night of the Hunter ***
Baby Doll
A Face in the Crowd ***
Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte
Deliverance ***
Rambling Rose
Sling Blade ***
The Apostle ***
George Washington ***

[Worlds on the Edge of Chaos]
Stalker ***
Threads ***
The Quiet Earth ***
Last Night (1998) ***
Southland Tales (The Cannes Cut)

Comic Book Reviews
The Flash by Geoff Johns Omnibus Volume 1
Young Justice Book Two

Television Reviews
Dark Season 3
Best of the Twilight Zone Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Flowers Season 2


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