March 2021 Digest

PopCult Podcast Episode 01
Patron Pick – Limitless

Movie Reviews (*** = PopCult Recommends)
Saint Maud ***
The ABCs of Death 2

[Renaissance Man: John Huston]
The Maltese Falcon ***
The Treasure of Sierra Madre ***
Key Largo ***
The Asphalt Jungle ***
The African Queen
The Misfits ***
Fat City ***
The Man Who Would Be King ***
Prizzi’s Honor

[Ozu’s Seasons]
Early Spring ***
Late Spring ***
Early Summer ***

[The Films of Alex Ross Perry]
The Color Wheel
Listen Up, Phillip ***
Queen of Earth
Her Smell

TV Reviews
Wandavision Episode 9
The Falcon and Winter Soldier Episode 1, Episode 2
Servant Season 2
The Best of Seinfeld Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Comic Book Reviews
Superman/Batman: Generations Omnibus
Superman by Grant Morrison Omnibus
Wonder Woman by Greg Rucka Volume 2
Superhero Spotlight – Green Lantern (John Stewart)
Superhero Spotlight – Martian Manhunter

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