Fall 2022 Digest

Patron Pick – Funny Pages [Matt]
Patron Pick – The Spy Who Came in From the Cold [Bekah]
Patron Pick – House of Games [Matt]
Patron Pick – The War of the Roses [Bekah]
Book Update – Sept/Oct 2022

Movie Reviews (*** = PopCult Recommends)
Nitram ***
Hellraiser II: Hellbound
Black Adam
Don’t Worry Darling

[The Films of Alexander Payne]
Citizen Ruth
Election ***
About Schmidt ***
Sideways ***
The Descendants

[1980s Coppola]
The Outsiders ***
Rumble Fish
The Cotton Club
Captain EO
Peggy Sue Got Married
Gardens of Stone
Tucker: The Man and His Dream

[1960s Horror]
Eyes Without a Face ***
Black Sunday
Village of the Damned
The Innocents ***
Carnival of Souls ***
The Haunting ***
Dracula: Prince of Darkness
Viy ***

[The Scream Series]
Scream 2
Scream 3
Scream 4
Scream (2022)

Comic Book Reviews
Green Lantern: Rebirth/Secret Origin/No Fear
Green Lantern Corps: Recharge & Green Lantern: Revenge of the Green Lanterns
Green Lantern: Wanted – Hal Jordan/The Sinestro Corps War
Green Lantern: Rage of the Red Lanterns/Agent Orange
Copra Round One ***
X-Men Epic Collection: Children of the Atom
X-Men Epic Collection: Lonely Are The Hunted
X-Men Epic Collection: The Sentinels Live
X-Men Epic Collection: It’s Always Darkest Before The Dawn

TV Reviews
Better Call Saul Season 1 ***
Better Call Saul Season 2 ***
Reservation Dogs Season 2 ***


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