Winter 2023 Digest

The State of the Blog 2023
Most Anticipated Films of 2023
[Patron Pick] The Menu – Bekah
[Patron Pick] The Wonder – Matt
[Patron Pick] Eternal Summer – Bekah
[Patron Pick] Hard Eight – Matt
Book Update – Jan/Feb

PopCult Podcast
Top 5 Most Anticipated Films of 2023/Bram Stoker’s Dracula
Speak No Evil/Jack
In Front of Your Face/The Rainmaker
What We’ve Been Reading/M3gan
Better Call Saul/Nobody
A Wounded Fawn/In the Mood For Love
Saloum/Brokeback Mountain

Movie Reviews
Infinity Pool

[The Great American Documentaries, Volume One]
Salesman ***
Harlan County, USA ***
Grey Gardens ***
Streetwise ***
Roger & Me ***
Hoop Dreams ***
American Movie ***

[Overlooked 1990s Movies I]
What About Bob?
Living in Oblivion
The Fisher King ***
Arlington Road
A Simple Plan ***

[Charles Burnett: In Rebellion]
Killer of Sheep ***
My Brother’s Wedding
The Glass Shield
Namibia: The Struggle for Liberation

[Three Colors Trilogy]
Blue ***
White ***
Red ***

[Four by Douglas Sirk]
Magnificent Obsession
All That Heaven Allows ***
Written on the Wind ***
Imitation of Life ***

Comic Book Reviews
The Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collection: Spider-Man No More ***
The Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collection: The Goblin Lives ***
The Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collection: The Secret of the Petrified Tablet ***
The Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collection: The Death of Captain Stacy
Seven Soldiers by Grant Morrison ***
JSA by Geoff Johns Part Five, Part Six, Part Seven ***

TV Reviews
Better Call Saul Season Five ***
Better Call Saul Season Six ***

Favorite Films Lists
My Favorite Films About Beginnings
My Favorite Contemporary Film Composers
My Favorite Films About Love
My Favorite Cinematographers of All-Time

Looking at Art
Chinese Horse
Winter 1946
Mural de La Plena
Self-Portrait of Suffering

Solo Tabletop Roleplay Reviews
Thousand Year Vampire ***
Notorious ***
The Wretched ***
The Portal at Hill House


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