Movie Review – Unpregnant

Unpregnant (2021)
Written by Rachel Lee Goldenberg, Ted Caplan, Jenni Hendriks, Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, and William Parker
Directed by Rachel Lee Goldenberg

Yes, I am reviewing another HBO Max property. No, I am not getting paid by them. If anyone has a way to get Warner Brothers to Venmo me five dollars, I’d much appreciate it. (Or do a sympathy payment on Patreon)

Unpregnant showed up on streaming in September 2020. Yes, last year. Has it been that long?

The story follows Veronica Clarke (Haley Lu Richardson), who is 17 and pregnant, and in need of an abortion. Due to the lack of support from her friends, her overwhelming boyfriend, and Missouri law, she has to road trip to New Mexico. Her only choice is to ask her former best friend, Bailey Butler (Barbie Ferreira).

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TV Review – Hacks Season 1

Hacks is an HBO Max series that has a total of ten episodes. Deborah Vance (Jean Smart) is a legendary Las Vegas comedy diva clinging to keep her spot as younger performers threaten to take her dates.

Vance’s agent sends Ava (Hannah Einbinder), an entitled 25-year old, to help freshen up the material, and Vance begins mentoring her.

While I was looking to see what others were giving it high praise as a comedy. I don’t know if I entirely agree, or maybe I’ve become quite picky about my comedies.

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Movie Review – Brittany Runs A Marathon

Brittany Runs A Marathon felt like it was being promoted everywhere if you ever bothered with running websites or apps. Little clips of Jillian Bell turning from party girl to runner in the short clips or blurbs here and there in the year of 2019.

Or that was solely me when I started my running journey. Fear not, my running is still uninspirational, but I will be comparing notes.

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TV Review – Starstruck

Starstruck (HBO Max)
Written by Rose Matafeo and Alice Snedden
Directed by Karen Maine

As we continue with me watching things, you might be looking at this and wondering ‘another romcom?’ and my answer would be: If you pay me (link to patreon), I might consider something else, but for now, mama’s gotta do what feels right.

Starstruck is a BBC-Three show picked up by HBO, starring Rose Matafeo as Jessie and Nikesh Patel as Tom Kapoor. It feels like one of those fan-fics you would encounter on Tumblr while bored one night, except Jessie would be either ‘you’ or Y/N (your name) and has less sex in it.

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Movie Review – The Lovebirds

The Lovebirds (2020)
Written by Aaron Abrams and Brendan Gall
Directed by Michael Showalter

We’ve all been there, scrolling through Netflix and wondering what to watch. Sometimes it’s like playing Russian Roulette to find what’s right for you. With some of us lucky enough to work from home, sometimes being entertained during quiet times is necessary. Honestly, why work more? The work environment within the USA doesn’t bring us reason to go above and beyond, especially when the benefit doesn’t trickle down.

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