Movies in 2011

Looking forward at 2011, there are a ton of big film releases on the horizon. While I personally end up enjoying films that slip under the cineplex radar, there are still some major releases that garner my interest. Here’s a few that I am looking forward to finally seeing:

Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2 (March 25th, dir. David Bowers) – the first film may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I found it to be a surprisingly good kids’ movie with a lot of wit. It didn’t sugar coat things and is the kind of movie I’d be happy with my imaginary future child watching.

Dream House (September 30th, dir. Jim Sheridan) – The key factor in drawing me to this thriller is the cast: Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz, and Naomi Watts. Sheridan is also a very deft director so count me in for this one.

The Invention of Hugo Cabret (December 9th, dir. Martin Scorsese) – I have not yet read this award winning children’s picture book, but from what I have seen its pretty amazing. So this film adaptation has a lot of buzz to live up to. The film stars 2010 breakout star Chloe Moretz and Jude Law, with a lot of other big names as well. Sounds like a big departure from the DiCaprio era Scorsese films.

Scream 4 (April 15th, dir. Wes Craven) – There’s something about this sequel that has me intrigued. The first Scream is a great horror satire that has a lot of smarts. Despite Craven’s recent disappointing work, I think this could be a really fun picture. My hope is that they just go over the top in satirizing what happens to horror franchises when they wear out their welcome (Saw?).

The Girl With a Dragon Tattoo (December 21, dir. David Fincher) – Given my track record with Fincher movies, I will probably hate this. It seems to be every other film that I enjoy, The Social Network being the one that won my praise after I hated Benjamin Button. I’ve seen the original Swedish film, it was good, but nothing that amazed me. Here’s hoping Fincher pulls another Zodiac and delivers an engrossing crime film. Seriously, if you haven’t seen Zodiac you are missing a majorly good overlooked movie.

Super 8 (June 10th, dir. J.J. Abrams) – After re-watching the Back to the Future trilogy in 2010, I found myself remembering how much fun those Spielberg produced fantasy films of the 1980s were. This film promises to nostalgically return us to that era. The one teaser trailer was effectively vague and after the fun of Abrams’ Star Trek reboot, I am ready for this one.

Sherlock Holmes 2 (December 16, dir. Guy Ritchie) – The first film in Ritchie’s Holmes series was a big surprise to me, and while Downey isn’t really playing Holmes so much as a British version of his own film persona, it was a very funny and well made flick. The recent BBC modern day Holmes is markedly better, but this is the perfect big screen version of the character.

The Adventures of Tintin (December 28th, dir. Steven Spielberg) – This has all the makings of a disaster. It’s a CG-animated adaptation of a comic book series whose popularity mainly resides in Europe. It’s also hearkening back to older era of film adventure, but Spielberg has shown he can do that well, until recently (Kingdom of the Crystal Skull). Looking forward to seeing if this one pans out well.

X-Men: First Class (June 3rd, dir. Matthew Vaughn) – This Sixties era tale of the X-Men’s origins has me psyched. I’m praying they pull out the classic blue and yellow team uniforms and feature a snowman Iceman. This could be the crazy jolt the X-Men need after the dismally dull Wolverine and Last Stand films.