Weekly Wonderings – January 4th, 2021

Hello and welcome to this new weekly feature, Weekly Wonderings. I’ve been working on this blog for over 10 years, most recently on a five-year continuous streak. It has grown in readership by the thousands, which is a pretty good feeling, knowing that my words seem to be connecting with people out there. I decided to start writing something that got a little more personal while still touching on pop cultural things. 

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Most Anticipated Films of 2021 – Part 1

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So many of these movies were set to come out in 2020 but got pushed back and who knows what will happen if COVID-19 still lingers by the spring. I expect we won’t be seeing an end to the virus anytime soon so the virtual distribution model may be how many of these come to be watched.

Minari (directed by Lee Isaac Chung) – January 26

A year ago at Sundance, Minari premiered and won the two major awards of the festival. The plot follows a South Korean-American family that moves to Arkansas to pursue success. The grandmother of the family arrives a little after and her presence upends life for some but improves circumstances for others. Expect to see a review of this film on the blog extremely soon.

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PopCult’s State of the Blog 2021 (January – June)

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Looking back

2020 was a bitch of a year, and that is an understatement. One of the least exciting U.S. presidential elections managed to bring out more voters than ever before. The guy we wanted to win did but there isn’t much jubilation as the American economy appears to be on the verge of a major collapse. If that wasn’t bad enough, a pandemic rages through the country while the newly approved vaccine trickles out at a rate that experts say will take us a decade to administer to 80% of the population. The summer saw an eruption of civil unrest over police brutality and deeply entrenched systemic racism. All of this is still roiling on as the U.S government now refuses to help out its citizens while COVID kills, leave people with permanent health problems, and destroys multiple industries. So let’s look at how my blog did!

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