Patreon Update – August Blog Stats


Views and Visitors

Growth in views from July to August was -65% (July: 716, August: 249)

Growth in visitors from July to August was -55% (July: 464, August: 207)

16% of views came from Google Plus

41% of views came from Google searches

6% of views from Facebook


The top five most visited articles for August were:

  1. Comic Book Review – Omega Men by Tom King – 25 views**
  2. The Childhood of a Leader (2016, dir. Brady Corbet) – 19 views
  3. Games for Two – Lost in R’lyeh & Sushi Go – 15 views*
    Comic Book Review: The Vision Vol.1: A Little Worse Than Man – 15 views**
  4. Great Books You Should Read #1 – 12 views

** denotes post was published in previous months, though the views came exclusively from August.

Due to a much-diminished posting schedule for August, I saw inevitable drops across the board. I posted less new content, so search engine hits became the core of my views for the month. As a result, my most viewed posts were more of my older content. It does appear that Tom King was increasing in interest, probably due to his current run on Batman and the release of a few trades at the end of July. Not on the top five for August, but prominent when I look at my statistics for the year is my Origins article on Bluebeard’s Bride. August marked the 100th view of that particular article since it went up in late June. To me, that is a sign of high interest in the unreleased roleplaying game.

Posting will increase by a bit in September. One of my series for this month will be a Gene Wilder/Richard Pryor retrospective that I suspect will get decent views due to Wilder’s recent passing. I don’t expect to see numbers like June and July’s til next summer if I decide to post with that frequency. In October there will be an increased number of posts for Halloween, and I believe the numbers I generate that month will be more reflective of what will be the mean views.


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