Masks Actual Play: Junior Elite #0 & 1


For my first online Masks campaign, we have the following characters. To read more about the Masks game system check out my overview from Origins 2016. Illustrations of our campaign’s characters are done by John Alexander. Junior Elite logo by Mick Bradley:

  • Black Hoodie the Delinquent (played by Ariana Ramos)
    • Mentored by and eventually discarded by an enigmatic figure, Black Hoodie can construct a useful gadget out of whatever materials are at her disposal.
  • Silver Arm the Innocent (played by Mick Bradley)
    • Possessor of a silver arm that grants him mystic powers connected to Celtic mythology, Silver Arm was tossed forward from 1996 to present day where he finds his modern self to be a cynical, jaded jerk.
  • Magnificent Lad the Legacy (played by Pamela Alexander)
    • The son of Gravinians Magnificent Man and Magnificent Woman, this young hero has been expected to follow in their footsteps since birth.
  • Kid Atomic the Protege (played by John Alexander)
    • The orphaned son of a pair of super villains, adopted by Doctor Atomic and raised as his ward
  • Phoenix and The Sphinx the Joined (played by Misha B)
    • Twins, one of whom is a precog and one a postcog, more powerful when in each other’s presence.

The team has been named the Junior Elite by the press, due to two of their members’ associations with elder members of The League of Elite, Halcyon’s premiere superhero team. In our first session, we focused entirely on character building with lots of questions and note taking on my end.

The inciting incident for our campaign is the disappearance of almost all the League of Elite. The Junior Elite responds to an attack on the Eon Institute; a research laboratory focused on multiversal and temporal science. The attack is led by Professor Dark and his Children of the Night; a washed up 1990s goth styled villain. The Professor is wielding cosmic level weaponry that he couldn’t have made himself, and it takes the combined Junior Elite to stop him. Before the team can examine the weapons more carefully, Gen. Juliet Mayhem of AEGIS swoops in and absconds with the tech citing her organization’s ability to keep it locked up tight. The only member of the League of Elite that’s still around is Doc Atomic, and he seems to have been broken psychologically from whatever went down. The Junior Elite also met Dr. Conway Claremont, the lead researcher at the Eon Institute. Claremont explained that Professor Dark broke into the wing that housed viewing equipment for that the scientists had coined “The Dark Star Dimension” and that he believes this was all a diversion from something worse. The twins share a vision of a darkened void with a single molten planet floating in the darkness. From the darknesses rises a being composed of the world’s very essence. It reaches out to make contact with a small being consisting of pure light. The vision ends. The first mini session ended with an object hurtling from space and crashing into a farm on the outskirts of Halcyon. The farmer rushes out to investigate only to see a thorny silver arm reach up over the crater’s edge.

In our first full session, we kicked things off with Magnificent Lad at his family’s secret base on a jungle island off the coast of Halcyon. There his robot butler Symba is trying to get the young to sleep after 18 straight hours of searching the known universe for his parents’ using their alien equipment. The conversation is interrupted by Xion, a former friend turned enemy of the Magnificent family who has arrived on the island. Mag Lad and Xion clash, with Symba alerting the rest of the Junior Elite. The battle leaves the planet’s atmosphere and ends on the moon where Xion is able to explain that he has come to help Mag Lad find his parents. His reasoning is that with their disappearance it finally set in that their species was on the brink of extinction and he will help find them. The team can’t get a good read on Xion but he does seem genuine in his concerns. The former (?) villain sets up shop in the Magnificents’ lab explaining that Mag Lad’s father would likely construct a beacon wherever he might be and that Xion can build a receiver.

The team is pulled away quickly thereafter when massive destruction is reported in the district of Prosperity. Prosperity is a borough of the city that appeared from the 31st Century. However, none of the residents came with it so, while it was amazing and beyond anything Halcyon’s citizens were used to it quickly decayed because there was no one alive who knew how to maintain and repair the technology within it. Now Prosperity is a rundown area of squatters and homeless communities. The Junior Elite, airborne in Kid Atomic’s warthog helicopter, see a path of destruction coming from the farmlands into the city. On the ground is Nuada of the Silver Hand, the mythical Celtic hero who bears the same weapon as young Silver Arm. Silver Arm attempts to calm the time lost warrior but Mag Lad decides to get physical and wants to take Nuada down. The rest of team goes into rescue mode until Silver Arm miscalculates and causes a towering spire to collapse into the energy district, exploding a fusion reactor and taking power out across town. The Halcyon City Jail is hit, meaning Professor Dark has a chance to escape.

Black Hoodie, Phoenix, and Mag Lad head for the jail while Silver Arm, The Sphinx, and Kid Atomic hang back with Nuada. It becomes apparent that Nuada knows more than he originally let on. His silver arm separates itself from his body, revealed as a sentient demonic entity. The silver demon strikes at The Sphinx who loses control of her powers and begins opening rifts in space and time. We get quick glimpses of possible futures and alternate realities, including The Sphinx as a world-destroying cosmic force. Kid Atomic tries to fly the Warthog in to scoop her up but Nuada used his sword to blow out the engine. Across town, Phoenix senses Professor Dark is headed for Damnation, the old town district of Halcyon, but they head back to help her sister when she sense the twin’s pain.

Nuada is finally taken down when Silver Arm reaches out with his consciousness and absorbs the silver hand into his own arm, causing the liquid metal to grow from his arm and shoulder and down his torso and leg. Nuada shrivels into a husk and before he passes out utters, “Heaven has fallen.”

The final scene shows Professor Dark arriving at a strange pit fighting venue in Damnation. We briefly glimpse Apollonia, one of the supposedly missing League of Elite, fighting in the pits against other metahumans. There’s no time to figure out what’s going on there as Dark meets with a figure named Prospero who usher the villain into a backroom for a private conversation.

To be continued…


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