Twin Peaks: The Return – Episode 12 Breakdown, Thoughts, and Analysis

Part 12
Written by David Lynch & Mark Frost
Directed by David Lynch


At the hotel in Buckhorn, South Dakota, Albert pours glasses of wine for himself, Gordon Cole, and Tamara Preston. Preston is being inducted into their inner circle, becoming an agent who will investigate Blue Rose cases. Albert explains that this is an extension of the closed Project Blue Book files and was started by Gordon and Phillip Jeffries. Jeffries recruited Dale Cooper, Chet Desmond, and Albert to be their agents specializing in these supernatural investigations. This explains Cooper’s strange techniques to deduce who killed Laura Palmer.

Diane shows up, and Albert tells her they want her to continue tagging along, explaining they will help find out what happened to Cooper. There is a musical cue of sound rushing to a crescendo, heard in Fire Walk With Me, and Diane responds with, “Let’s rock.” This is the same phrase the Arm speaks during Cooper’s dream back in Season 1, Episode 2. It is also pretty obvious the lounge they are in is modeled after the Red Room, Diane even entering by pushing aside the red curtains that cover the walls.

In Twin Peaks, Jerry Horne emerges from the tree line in a field at the foot of the mountains. He is running across the field, stumbles and falls, but pulls himself up and keeps going. I am getting more and more sure he will run into Hawk and company when they venture out following Major Briggs’ map.

We finally see Sarah Palmer again after an absence of 11 episodes. She is a grocery store, picking up tomato juice, vodka, and cigarettes. At the checkout, she appears to be disturbed by a display of turkey jerky behind the clerk. Sarah asks if the clerk was there when “they arrived” and the clerk interprets this to be about the jerky. Sarah’s responses eventually imply she is seeing something the rest of them cannot. She explains she is warning the young people at the checkout, that strange men are coming, and that something happened to Sarah herself. She rushes from the store profoundly upset, but a fellow clerk says he knows her and can deliver the groceries himself.

At the Fat Trout Trailer Park, Carl Rodd approaches an elderly tenant named Kriscol. Carl is concerned about Kriscol selling his blood for money. He asks the man if he has been doing free work for the neighbors in the trailer park and Kriscol has. Carl gives him fifty dollars and explains that he doesn’t want him selling any more blood, that he has given enough.

In Las Vegas, Sonny Jim pulls Cooper out into the backyard to play catch. Sonny tosses the ball, and it bounces off Cooper’s head as he stands there doing nothing.

Hawk pays Sarah Palmer a visit, and she meets him with stern defiance, insisting that everything is fine and that the incident at the grocery store was just a momentary lapse. A sound of glass bottles being disturbing emanates from the kitchen, but Sarah says it is nothing, no one is in the house with her. Hawk emphasizes that she should call him if she needs help of any kind. Through gritted teeth, Sarah declares “It’s a goddamn bad story, isn’t it Hawk?” This feels like a reference to the endless tragedy her life seems to have been.

We check in on Miriam who is in a coma in the ICU, due to her injuries at the hands of Richard Horne.

Diane is at the bar of the hotel in Buckhorn. She receives a text from who we can assume is Doop querying, “Las Vegas?”. Diane’s reply is “They haven’t asked yet.”

Sheriff Frank Truman pays Ben Horne a visit to fill him in on the details of what his grandson, Richard Horne has done: the hit and run of the little boy and the attack on Miriam. Ben is genuinely distraught and offers his money or anything else he can do help the victims. He sits back and ruminates on the fact that something has always been wrong with Richard who sounds like he has been getting increasingly worse. Richard is still on the run, and the police are looking for him.

Truman leaves, and Horne’s secretary Beverley checks on him. He tells her Richard never had a father. Then he begins to reminisce about a secondhand bike his own father got for him. Ben still remembers all the details of this bike, the paint, the tires, how difficult it was to ride. Beverly is moved to tears by Ben’s nostalgic wistfulness, and I suspect Ben is thinking about the absences in Richard’s life that led to him becoming such a violent and hateful person.

Gordon is entertaining a beautiful French woman in his hotel room when Albert interrupts. The French woman takes an exaggeratedly long time to exit with Gordon enjoying her antics.

Albert shares the text exchange they intercepted from Diane and Doop.

Hutch and Chantal are waiting outside the warden’s home and snipe him from the top of a hill. The warden is found by his young son.

We get another broadcast from Jacoby with Nadine admiring as she watches online.

And then we cut to…Audrey Horne! She stands defiantly before Charlie, her husband. She confesses that she is having an affair with Billy, the man who went missing in Part 7. She admonishes Charlie for putting too much into his work and not into their life and people around them. Audrey also implies that their marriage is based around some sort of contract. Charlie concedes and calls Tina, who was the last person to see Billy. What hears shocks him, and he refuses to let Audrey or us know what he has found out.

Diane is at the hotel bar again and recalls the coordinates she memorized off of Ruth Davenport’s arm. She types them into a mapping app and finds they lead to Twin Peaks.

In the Roadhouse, the Chromatics are back on stage while we eavesdrop on a conversation between two women: Abbie and Natalie. The two women discuss mutual friends and their infidelities. A friend, Trick shows up and explains how he almost got run off the road by someone driving crazy. He goes to get a drink and the women talk about how he was under house arrest and is free now. The Chromatics play us out.


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